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The Greatest Female Orgasms Ever Favorite

Jenna Jameson leads the pack in this amazing product that was years in the making. Watch in   Read More

  (41 customer ratings)
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Jenna Jameson leads the pack in this amazing product that was years in the making. Watch in amazement as each girl writhes uncontrollably as she shakes, shudders and often screams in orgasmic delight. This is the definitive collection of the best female orgasms ever captured on film.

DVD Features:
  • Chapter Search
  • Photo Gallery
  • Digital Sin's Trailers
  • Web Trailers
  • Digital Clarity
  • Stereo Sound
  • DVD-ROM Compatible
  • Playable Worldwide

  • Runtime (Stream, Download): 99 minutes

    Customer Reviews

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    Rating December 30, 2010

    Reviewer: Customer Review

    This solo stroking female DVD features over 30 top adult stars getting themselves off to the point of orgasm. Each lady sits on an amplifier/ saddle which has a stubby vibrator on it and either they or another lady uses a control to set the speeds. Expect multiple variations of the expression, "Oh fuck yeah" and numerous fine sights of contorted looks and screams and mewls as they build towards the inevitable. Aria and Loni are particularly delectable as they bring the viewer into their scenes by chatting direct to camera (pretty much all the ladies do this, but these 2 are very cool). Jenna Jameson sets the ball rolling (or the clit tickling) and looks thoroughly gorgeous.

    Rating December 30, 2010

    Reviewer: Customer Review

    Here we go with The Greatest Female Orgasms Ever, so how come my missus isn�t in there? Hmmmm. Maybe I should work on that one. Anyway, we start out with everyone�s favourite, Jenna Jameson, who straddles the gently growling orgasm machine. Her nipples stiffen and poke through her skimpy top. Her clit is jiggered until she is dizzy and falls off the Sybian. Dangerous things these orgasms � you girls are frankly better off leaving them to guys who know how to handle them! Next, blonde Californian girl Kerri lets Skylar hold the controls. Almost immediately she�s panting and rolling her eyes. Within seconds she has a screaming orgasm followed by several more! She is reduced to a heap of quivering jelly, her clit pulsating visibly. We never knew it was so simple � take notes here lads. In the following scene dirty girl Dyna is held down on the violently juddering device by sweet Latino Samantha. Dyna screams in Swahili (we assume anyway) as the Sybian works its magic. Now daring Dayton rides the beast as Justine spins the controls and sadistically bites Dayton�s nipples and clutches her throat. That sort of thing is just not nice, but it has the required effect. Next, blonde dup Goldie and April test drive the Sybian. A flick of April�s finger sends Goldie into orgasmic orbit, and you might feel compelled to join her if your wrist-twisting is vigorous enough! Tiny Latina Domino has super long raven hair and a mucky mouth. She drags her swollen joy-button over the intense vibrations until she climaxes. And still they keep coming � Amanda grits her teeth and pulls her hair as the intense Sybian sensations flood her body. She can�t handle it for long and lets big titted Gina have a place in the hot-seat. Beautiful Brook manages to sit still as the machine revs up to maximum buzz, but the jerking of her body becomes uncontrollable. Go on, ride �em, cowgirl! This is a pretty unique concept in porn, since usually it�s a bit of a moot point if the girls get to their vinegar strokes as long as the guy gets to blast his juice everywhere. Picture quality is very good, sound okay, and there�s naff all in the way of extras. A word of warning: don�t let your woman see this or she may find out what she�s missing!

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