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Five Dollar Whore Favorite

Nylon was never twisted tighter around a set of balls as Mistress Rachel Steele kicks slut Tosha around!  Read More

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Nylon was never twisted tighter around a set of balls as Mistress Rachel Steele kicks slut Tosha around the wooden floor for forty minutes. The boi submissive worships her "Wizard of Oz" shoes and then her nylon covered toes before being used as a human carpet. She bites his cock and balls through the nylon and face sits him until he is near unconscious. Mistress Rachel stretched out her nylon covered leg and ordered the slut to start worshiping. He knelt and licked the bottoms of her shoes and was ordered to tongue all the dazzling jewels on the side. She slapped his face hard over and over, her rubber gloves making a loud sound against his skin. He sucked the heels deep and then was ordered in tight to smell her panel covered crotch. She rose and stomped his big cock, leaving ooze on the wooden floor. She removed her panties and stuffed them into his mouth then turned her attention to his big balls. The big dicked submissive had his cock crushed by Mistress Rachel as he leaned back on the floor. Her nylon covered feet stomped the shaft and then kicked him over and over in the balls from behind as he licked his own pre-cum off the floor. She slapped and teased his balls with her rubber gloves and then stood and demanded he swallow her foot. Seated on the stool she continued her foot assault on his balls and then moved to encase his cock in nylon and began to bite him. Her teasing mouth turned to gnashing teeth as he screamed in pain. She looked up with no mercy in Her eyes and clamped down harder. Mistress Rachel produced a pair of pantyhose and wrapped and tied his big cock and balls up. She continued to bite the head of his cock as it protruded from the nylon encasement, making him scream and giving her satisfaction. She rose and removed the long rubber gloves, hanging the first one from his stiff cock and using the second to beat his cock and balls. Ordered against the wall, the slave was abused from behind. Mistress Rachel used the nylon leash to pull as Her dainty feet rubbed and kicked his balls from behind. She slid in front of him and swallowed his cock down giving him some pleasure and then bit down hard again, causing him agony. Mistress Rachel continued her oral assault as the submissive turned and she sucked and bit on his nylon encased cock. The cock remained hard and got harder as she punished it. She ordered him to his back and used her feet all over his face, then slid up and face fucked him with her nylon covered pussy and ass. She turned and smothered him while she resumed cock and ball torment. His nylon covered cock was sore and bruised as she swung a leg off and pulled hard on the pantyhose knot around his balls.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 41 minutes


Also Starring:

Cum Slut Tosha  |  Rachel Steel


Steve Lake

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