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The Female Voyeur Favorite

The Female Voyeur is about women who love to watch and play with sexy men and men who enjoy being desired and devoured by strong females.  Read More

  (16 customer ratings)
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Petra Joy
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The wait was worth it, Petra Joy releases her long-awaited fourth erotic film The Female Voyeur.

The Female Voyeur gives women what they want - hunky men who perform for and give pleasure to women. Powerful, predatory females who experience multiple orgasms. A slow build-up of sexual passion and beautifully photographed visual foreplay. Petra strongly believes that, “Contrary to common assumptions women are just as visual as men. Women are voyeurs too - if they get a chance to see what turns them on!”

The Female Voyeur is about women who love to watch and play with sexy men and men who enjoy being desired and devoured by strong females. Three luscious scenes make this film a must-see for lovers of art-core porn:

She Calls The Shots shows a female photographer seducing two sexy male models. The woman is the predator and voyeur taking the pictures that turn her on. This is a hot threesome from a female perspective as both guys are bisexual and interact with each other which increases the viewing pleasure of the female.

In The XXX-Men gorgeous hunks showcase their skills in front of an all female jury. The winner is not the pole dancer or stripper but the guy who gives good head to two of the judges.

Pleasure Slaves shows the visualization of another female fantasy; men who are there simply to fulfill women's every desire in a highly sensual and sumptuous Roman-style orgy involving eight players.

Rather than showing short vignettes like in her previous films this time Petra shows longer scenes to reflect the genuine female curve of arousal. A new erotic masterpiece, this feature is Petra's most high-end film so far.

The film was shot with multiple cameras on exquisite tailor-made film sets featuring a stunning new cast. In post-production for the first time a sound-scape artist was involved to give the viewers an extra level of sensory stimulation. Petra invested a huge amount of time and money into this production.

She explains her motivation “I did not simply want to repeat the successful formula of my previous films but take my film making a step further. The scenes have many more layers of exciting visuals and sensuous sound. It took one year to create this film but I am glad I did not rush the production because I am proud of what we created – a unique film that takes ‘porn for women’ onto a new level”

Runtime (Stream, Download): 77 minutes



Petra Joy

Customer Reviews

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Rating Crowded shooting set.... September 7, 2011

Reviewer: philb1701

I'm not exactly sure how this is supposed to be a voyeur movie.
There are about 7 or 8 players, all crammed into an oversized brass poster bed. Difficult to tell who's doing who, not to mention who is watching this for our POV.

Not worth the money.

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