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Brigitta Bulgari

Interview: Brigitta Bulgari


by P. Weasels

A glamorous high fashion model from Eastern Europe, Brigitta Bulgari is not the kind of woman who is generally attracted to the porn biz. Why did she start? What does she get out of it? Read on for her answers to those and many more burning questions...

NT: So, Where are you from?

Brigitta Bulgari : I’m from Budapest, Hungary.

NT: What's the general attitude toward sex there?

Brigitta: People live their sexual lives happily, without moral inhibitions.

NT: Are your friends surprised that you are in porn, or would they have expected it?

Brigitta: They’re a bit surprised, of course, but they don’t judge badly me for it

NT: How old were you the first time you had sex with a man?

Brigitta: Oh, I was very young! But my body was already well formed… I looked like an older woman!

NT: How old were you the first time you had sex with a woman?

Brigitta: It happened on the set of my first movie, Fashion. I was 19, and my first time was with a 35-40 year old woman and I loved the sexual way she was looking at me and I had a great feeling! She was great in licking my pussy, but I didn’t come! I love man much more then woman!

NT: Do you like sex with men and women in your private life?

Brigitta: As I told you, I prefer men, but life is long and people change! I have good feeling with the women in my life, but under the blanket I want the men. I’ll keep you posted on my sexual tendencies…

NT: Were you a wild girl in school?

Brigitta: Actually, everybody thought that I was a very quiet girl. Of course, because my behavior was like that! But those who had a chance to know me better will tell you differently!

NT: What's the wildest sex you've ever had on screen?

Brigitta: On the set I had in High Class Eurosex #2. I think because I was dressed in leather and this has grown me up. It made me feel much more nasty.

NT: Do you have a boyfriend?

Brigitta: Yes I do. For almost two years, but I don’t like to talk about him. This is my private life and I don’t like to mix.

NT: How does he feel about your career?

Brigitta: When we met I was an actress already. He just accepted it

NT: You were a mainstream model before you came to adult; what kind of modeling did you do?

Brigitta: Most of all, I posed for fashion magazines.

Nikki Benz

NT: Why did you leave that life to do adult work?

Brigitta: I was spending my days studying and working as photo model. I started to make porn after that. One of my Italian friend proposed that I to start make adult. I immediately liked the idea. I have never had any doubts about my choice. This because I made my decision alone, without the influence of anybody.

By the way, now I’m the testimonial model in Italy for a famous clothes label so I’m the proof that I can do both work at the same time.

NT: When did you start making adult movies?

Brigitta: It was in summer 2003. I was very embarrassed, but I had been lucky, finding the right people that had make everything easier - and funny.

NT: What was your first movie?

Brigitta: Fashion. I can tell you everything about that movie - it’s an important part of my life and is still impressed in my mind.

NT: Who did you work with in that film?

Brigitta: The directors were Rudy Lucky, Andrea Nobili and Roy Rogers. The stars were many actors, like Francesco Malcom, Ramon Perez, Ian Scott

NT: Who are your favorite people to work with so far?

Brigitta: I felt very good working with Rudy Lucky and Alex Forte

NT: What was your best scene?

Brigitta: What do you think it is? I let my fans judge it. I don’t watch my videos, but I really enjoyed acting with Francesco Malcom and Remigio Zampa in Sensations. It was my first DP!

Brigitta Bulgari

NT: What's your favorite position and why?

Brigitta: I like it in my ass or my pussy, but the exact posture is not that important. It depends on the moment. Everybody knows that I love it most in my ass! It’s not a secret anymore.

NT: What do you want to do in a movie that you haven't done yet?

Brigitta: I’d like to do a double pussy. It would really stretch me to the limits of ecstasy. But I don’t think it will happen. It’s too much for my little pussy.

NT: Has being in adult movies allowed you to fulfill some fantasies? What were they?

Brigitta: Well, my fantasies are simple: just about having sex with charming people. It happened.

NT: Do you still have fantasies that you have not been able to fulfill yet? What are they?

Brigitta: I’d love to have sex on a plane, in the middle of a long flight. I’m sure I’ll do it one day.

NT: What are you doing next?

Brigitta: Right now I have a very busy schedule in Italy as special guest in high class and exclusive clubs (I don’t strip, but when I want I can make a lot of people happy!) I am also the testimonial model of a very famous and nice clothes company, NO.LI.TA. I have made many photo shoots and I love to see my face in the poster and up on the buildings.

NT: How long do you want to stay in porn, and what do you want to do afterward?

Brigitta: I’m enjoying this great part of my life! If always spend time thinking about the future I would loose it!

NT: What do you want people to remember you for?

Brigitta: For the feelings I’ve been able to convey to people

NT: What else do you want people to know about you?

Brigitta: I think they know already a lot, but I’d like they knew myself, my mind, not just my body

NT: Thank you very much

Brigitta: Thank you

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