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China Lust

Lust is an all consuming passion, especially when caused by magic. When an ancient jade carving Read More

Studio: VCX

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Scene 1

Keywords:  MissionarySpooningNatural BreastsRed HeadBlowjobBig AssClassics  Pop Shot:  Stomach 

Scene 2

Keywords:  MissionaryThreesomeVibratorsBlack HairNatural BreastsToysBlowjobMasturbation  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 3

Keywords:  InterracialBlack HairNatural BreastsStanding DoggieBlowjobRed HeadBig AssKissingBlackStanding Cowgirl  Pop Shot:  Butt 

Scene 4

Keywords:  MissionaryInterracialCowgirlCunnilingusBlack HairNatural BreastsBlowjobBig Ass  Pop Shot:  Stomach 


Lust is an all consuming passion, especially when caused by magic. When an ancient jade carving that looks astonishingly like a penis passes from hand to hand and then on to more intimate places in an unrelenting magical drive to return to its rightful owner and mistress, it creates a havoc of desire and lust in its wake. Fiery love in some, greed and hate in others.

The warm, green statue bewitchingly speaks to your mind enticing the participants in the movie and audience alike to turn on to the action. Luscious Linda Wong, Hustler cover girl, is the rightful owner and mistress of this magic aphrodisiac. Desiree West, the busty bombshell who plays Linda's niece, recovers the object for Linda in an action sequence which leads to a delicious wet shower scene. Going from a loving couple, to their chambermaid and a woman chauffeur, and on the hoods and their molls who are retained to recover the magic object, the green Lingham instructs all in the meaning of China Lust.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 69 minutes

Studio: VCX

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 (4 ratings) Rate It
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