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Jenna Jameson Is the Masseuse

The classic Masseuse is included as a bonus with Vivid's remake starring Jenna Jameson. Read More

Studio: Vivid

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BEST ACTRESS, FILM - Jenna Jameson
BEST ACTOR, FILM - Justin Sterling

Leave it to legendary adult filmmaker Paul Thomas to break the mold again with his remake of the classic "The Masseuse". The old-school version starred porn queen Hypatia Lee and was directed by -- you guessed it -- Paul Thomas. Here's the rub: this time around it's Jenna Jameson doing the rubbing.

Jenna pulls out all the sexual stops in this slippery tale of masseuse-client relations, and co-stars Savanna Samson and Wendy Divine only add to the erotic glory. Filled with domination, restraints, chains and even a little oil for those aching muscles.

Order Vivid's special two-disc set and get the classic and the Jenna remake - that's 2 DVDs for the price of one!

DVD Features:
  • Alternate Angles - You get to choose the view!
  • Full Motion Chapters - Go to your favorite scenes
  • Playable worldwide
  • DVD-Rom Compatible
  • Bonus Photo Gallery

Runtime (Stream, Download): 92 minutes

Studio: Vivid

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

The Masseuse is director Paul Thomas� remake of a title he did back in 1990 that starred Hyapatia Lee and Randy Spears. The story is about a lonely man (now played by Justin Sterling) and the masseuse (Jenna Jameson) he goes to see, and slowly falls in love with her. Jim Mitchell (Justin Sterling) is a quiet guy who spends his days at a dead-end, low-paying job and spends a lot of time browsing the Net looking at pictures of babes in bondage. His co-worker Amy (Wendy Divine) has the hots for him, but for some reason or another, Jim isn�t interested in her. Instead he begins to spend his evenings and says off at a local massage parlour, where a masseuse named Barbara (Jenna Jameson) works.

During their first session, Justin offers Jenna some extra money to give him a handjob. The next time he goes back, he gives her $100 for a blowjob. Eventually, he convinces Jenna to start seeing him at his own place. Whether it�s feelings of love of just pity, Jenna�s character does become somewhat attached to Justin, although she tries to keep him out of her personal life. One evening, Jim is forced to watch as Jenna makes out with Savanna Samson in front of him. Strap-on fans should be pleased with this lesbian encounter.

On the bonus features front we get two deleted sex scenes. There�s also a Jenna solo-scene, a Behind the Scenes featurette, trailers; and multiple angles. Also included is a feature-length commentary track with Jenna Jameson and Justin Sterling

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

This DVD is essentially two different movies with a similar plot in mind. The original masseuse film has a more credible plotline and the acting also focuses more assertively on how disturbingly involved Jim becomes with Barbara even after she rejects his advances. The plot centres on the psychological environment of Jim, and how he becomes infatuated with Barbara. This comes across more clearly in the original rather than the remake with Jenna Jameson. What really reduced the quality of the storyline in the remake is the director's modifications of the storyline to add in a bit of everything which is abit of a let down, heavier bondage, lesbian scenes and sex scenes with the secretary are a bit beyond the credible. The sex scene with the secretary is overdone, poor and lasts too long, her involvement detracts from the plot compared to the original, her role has been exploited too far. Both Justin Sterling and Jenna play good roles and the acting in the plot is of quite good quality, it's an erotic movie rather than a simple consecutive series of sex scenes, much more interesting to watch. Another detriment to the remake is the naming and the film quality, somehow Jenna doesn't suit the name Barbara and the massage parlour environment has become relaxed in the "sexual favours for cash" department, it detracts from the plausibility of the plot whereas the original had a seedy/risky element to this behaviour. But both DVD�s involve excellent sex scenes, a believable and involving storyline. If watching this with a wife or girlfriend, I'd choose the original because it expresses the more feminine side and Barbara's defence from Jim's sexual onslaught I think is more involving for ladies to watch. The remake disregards alot of the psychologically disturbing traits and concentrates on Jenna's beauty and dabbles in lesbian scenes, definitely more for the guys.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

The story is better than most porn tales (but what do you expect in terms of adult themes in the first place?). Besides, it is a retread of a classic adult flick to begin with, and if the original story wasn�t any good, they wouldn�t have bothered to redo it. I have to say that The Masseuse has the word �chick porn� written all over it: from the extensive plot points ; to the budding romance between the two main protagonists; to the handful of scenes that consist of nothing but foreplay (no hardcore whatsoever in the scene); to the sappy background music; to the hunky and clean-cut (in other words, �non-Ron Jeremy-looking�) but shy leading guy. When you look at the arc of the sexual energy in The Masseuse, it has a nice build to it: the sex starts simple with two foreplay scenes between Jameson and Sterling (one a handjob, the other a blowjob); gradually builds with both a solo Devine play (read masturbation) and a BDSM teaser between Jameson and Sterling again; then explodes with the scorching scene in the latter half of the movie between Jameson and Samson (who I wished had more scenes in the movie). The energy tapers off a smidgeon (if at all) between Devine and Stone. Then it sort of falls of the table with the last scene between Jameson and Sterling. Their last scene is more slow and tender, if anything. And I�m not saying there�s anything necessarily wrong with a slow, sensual grind. It�s just that... Hubby-wife sex - in the absence of props and/or other scene mates - isn�t usually that sexy. I�ve got to say that the last scene definitely brings that point home. Even if you didn�t know that these two were married (like I did going in), this scene falls a little short after the recently concluded sexcapades. But, if you want to see Jenna Jameson in some hardcore action these days, this is the only way you�re going to see it as long as she stays married. Another small problem I had with The Masseuse (other than the extensive marital humdrumness) is the absence of anal sex. But I can let that slide a little (and only a little) because I knew that this film was primarily a Jameson vehicle, and she don�t do anal, period, husband or no husband. So I wasn�t terribly surprised with the lack of butt-plugging. But all in all, taking in the aesthetics of the film (the look and sound of it is top-notch), the storyline, and a couple of very good sex scenes (again, even though there�s no anal throughout the movie), The Masseuse is very good.

Professional Reviews
- April 24, 2006
Reviewed By:

If you peeked into the heads of average people to see what they thought of the word "porn" you'd get bow-chika-bow-wow bass lines, terrible acting, and ridiculous storylines…oh, and humping. And you will often get that in actual porn, but lucky for us there are adult film makers who strive for more. Paul Thomas is one and The Masseuse proves it. Putting together a good script, actual acting ability, and quality directing (plus humping), he gives us a movie that is good enough to be watched on network TV (minus the humping, of course). Note, I did not say cable TV, the movie does have several flaws, but overall it's a good piece of work. ...

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