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Young Harlots - Le Chateau

Rennee is rewarded by her father for her hard work at school with a trip to France with her friends. Read More

Studio: Harmony Films

Series: Young Harlots

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Scene 1

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Stars:  Ian Tate  Renee Richards  Keywords:  ThreesomeSmall TitsBlack HairNatural BreastsAsianEuropeanBig AssSchoolgirlBrunette 

Scene 2

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Stars:  Renee Richards  Tony De Sergio  Keywords:  Natural BreastsBig AssSchoolgirlBrunetteSmall Tits  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 3

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Stars:  Ian Tate  Tiffany Hopkins  Keywords:  Black HairNatural BreastsGapingAnalSmall TitsOutdoors 

Scene 4

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Stars:  Ian Tate  Keywords:  Big DickGlassesBlack HairAsianBlowjobSchoolgirl  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 5

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Stars:  Tony De Sergio  Claire Robbins  Keywords:  ThreesomeDouble PenetrationSmall TitsAnalNatural BreastsBig AssSchoolgirl  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 6

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Stars:  Renee Richards  Oliver Sanchez  Claire Robbins  Keywords:  Big DickBlindfoldBlack HairAsianBig AssOrgyDouble PenetrationSmall TitsAnalNatural BreastsBrunetteSchoolgirl  Pop Shot:  MouthStomach 


Rennee is rewarded by her father for her hard work at school with a trip to France with her friends. The young horny girls soon abandon their innocence and indulge in a hot steamy summer of sex.

DVD Features:
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Runtime (Stream, Download): 173 minutes

Studio: Harmony Films

Series: Young Harlots

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Harmony Excels - February 27, 2016
Reviewed By: Poker Star

An awesome flick. Pure debauchery, and well shot. Lady Mai steals the show!

Oh Those Young Harlots - May 30, 2014
Reviewed By: Cizzarries

What I like about the Harlots series is that Harmony seems to find the swwetest and nastiest young women to do basically all kind of nasty fun. Generally with their professors (Which really goes over at most schools...Right) This addition really does a fine job of keeping up the tradition.

Basically the two women who are the prominent stars here ar Lady Mai, and Renee Richards. Both are in three of the scenes and in two of them together. The opening scene with the two of them really going all out in the back of a chauffeur driven RV (Uniform and all....Now that's funny) Richards is really aggressive here, and basically in all her scenes, and Lady Mai is more than willing to comply to her demands...As is the driver in the end.

Scene two has Richards doing a fairly hot solo with a window open so eventually some stud can come in and help the poor girl scratch the itch. Pretty hot stuff.

Scene three with Tiffany Hopkins (Her only scene) is pretty good because of the enthusiasm she puts into it. This little lady is a grinder, but unlike most good grinders who do it from a vag position she also does it from anal, and looks very sexy doing so. Very hot regardless which hole she's doing it from.

Scenes four with Lady Mai was an oral that I don't feel was directed very well. After the first three scenes with so much enthusiasm thisw brings things to a near stop with a fairly slow as drying paint blow job. Don't get me wrong. Lady Mai still does a good job, but the scene was out of place in my opinion.

Scene five with Claire Robbins was ok, but unlike the other girls she just didn't seem to have that same level of enthusiasm. She does do a DP, but I think the entire scene wasn't directed very well because it just wasn't all that hot, and it had the elements to be quite hot.

Scene six has Claire Robbins, Priva, Lady Mai, Renee Richards with a couple studs. For some reason Priva only did oral and I've seen her in other scenes shere she pretty much does everything so I'm guessing it was a matter of not being able to do more here. None the less between Lady Mai and Renee Richards there was a lot of very hot action with the guys and women. Richards should definately direct after she's done in front of the camera because she basically does so from within the scenes. I especially like how sometimes she didn't think someone was going down deep enough and push her head down g=do gobble more. Altogether this is really the cherry on the top scene of the movie. Very well done.

Good flick. Could be one for couples even...

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Rennee Richards and her mate are off to a chateau courtesy of her rich dad who has given the chauffeur/ minder job to mate Ian (aka Dirty Dog). Ian has a hard time driving to the destination as he watches Renne and her mate flashing tits and knickers at him. They start licking each other out and shoving dildos in their pussies. Eventually Ian stops the minibus to fuck the 2 of them. At the chateau, Rennee's solo effort on a vibe alerts the attention of the gardener who comes in to fuck her good and hard. Ian runs into a filthy French bird out in the garden. This babe has a big butt plug up her arse which Ian plucks out and then shoves back in before knobbing her back door and giving her A2M's before firing a big load on her ass cheeks. Ian then spots an opportune moment to shove his dick in the mouth of a sleeping babe who soon wakes up and carries on blowjobbing him till he literally explodes. At breakfast Claire wants her meal served on the chef's cock and duly licks and munches her way through it with gusto before getting a strong double penetrating on the dining table followed by 2 hefty facials. Finally all the girls have a big party and start playing with and blindfolding each other. Two muscle-bound studs enter the fray and proceed to fuck every babe plus double penetrate a couple as well with other ladies on A2M duties. Awesome fun.

Marvellous, sexy, good looking action from start to finish.

Not nice..... - November 16, 2010
Reviewed By: The Vicar

I didn't like this one much.It seemed to be trying too hard. The scenes were VERY long , verging on interminable and much of the action was actually quite unpleasant to watch. The girls were pretty nondescript ( the one on the front cover is heavily re-touched )and the main character was a bit squidgy around the middle and kept yapping.
In the final sceene ( 4 girls 2 boys) two of the girls , including a Thai (?) girl whom we hadn't seen before , kept their pants on and took no greater part in the proceedings than to lend support and encouragement !

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