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Son of Blackzilla #1

Only eighteen and Son of Blackzilla is every MILF's Dream. Read More

Studio: Bone Digital Studios

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Derek Skeeter, fresh out of Maryland, is on his first trip to LA, and this 18-year-old stud is going to sample the best that the Golden State has to offer. Alana Evans, Trinity Post, Maria Bellucci and three others get to share his Porn Valley cherry. Even though Derek Skeeter's shy and quiet, his big black cock speaks for itself, and what it says is "Hi -- I'm the Son of Blackzilla! Lie down!" And the ladies listen. Watch as MILFs and college girls alike succumb to the spell of Derek's magic wand.

Over two hours long of Milf encounters! Only eighteen and Son of Blackzilla is every MILF's Dream. She Needs some young meat! It's Big, it's Black and it's on the attack. "Look Honey, No hands!" What's he feed that thing? It's a brand new era of Pussy Wrecking Madness. Breeding them bigger and bigger. Like father, Like Son. Young Black and Packing!

DVD Features:
  • Bonus Scene

Runtime (Stream, Download): 155 minutes

Studio: Bone Digital Studios

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 (11 ratings) Rate It
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Son of Blackzilla - December 18, 2007
Reviewed By: Ted

Typical Blackzilla movie. Basicly these productions depend on how good the actresses looks, how turned on he is and how turned on she is. Once it's convincing it's great.

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