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Bong Load Girls #1

Seven super hot stoner chicks in five epically outrageous sex scenes! Read More

Studio: Punx Productions, Inc.

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Scene 1 x2.0

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Keywords:  Big TitsPierced BellybuttonMasturbationBrunetteFingering 

Scene 2 x2.0

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Stars:  Tony Tedeschi  Jeanie Marie Sullivan  Keywords:  MissionaryBig DickSmokingSpooningCunnilingusSmall TitsNatural BreastsBlowjobRed HeadBig Ass  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 3 x2.0

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Stars:  Kat  Rob Rotten  Keywords:  MissionarySide SaddleTattoosSmokingCunnilingusNatural BreastsStanding DoggieBlowjobBig AssBrunetteReverse Cowgirl  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 4 x2.0

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Stars:  Johnny Thrust  Jamie Elle  Keywords:  BlondeMissionaryBig DickHandjobNatural BreastsStanding DoggieBlowjobBig AssReverse Cowgirl  Pop Shot:  Breasts 

Scene 5 x2.0

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Stars:  Daisy Tanks  Keywords:  Big TitsLesbianDildo PlayToysMasturbationOralBig AssTattoosDildoCunnilingusNatural Breasts69Brunette 

Scene 6 x2.0

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Stars:  Rob Rotten  Scarlett Pain  Keywords:  HandjobTit FuckTattoosPOVNatural BreastsRed HeadBlowjob  Pop Shot:  Mouth 


If you’ve just been saying no, maybe the Bong Load Girls can convince you to change your tune. Rob Rotten and Punx Productions bring you seven of the cutest little stoners ever to pick up a pipe and smoke a bowl – and if you ever wondered how to find the kinds of girls that just can’t resist a fattie, well, hold onto your hand-tooled glass waterpipe and your hardon, because these chicks can’t say no to either kind. Jamie Elle, Jeannie Marie Sullivan, Scarlett Pain, Kat, Daisy Tanks, Kaylee Lovecox and Ruby Knox show you how to make a hit with the kind of girls who like a hit or two – or three or four! This gonzo comedy from the man who brought you Swallow My Children and The Texas Vibrator Massacre might leave you wondering whether to laugh or jack off, but it’ll make you want to do both!

Seven super hot stoner chicks in five epically outrageous sex scenes! This movie will give you more than just the munchies!

DVD Features:
  • Two Disc Set - Includes Soundtrack Disc with Original Music by Delicious, Mesian, Graubrot, and Inner Course
  • Shot in HD
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Outtakes and Bloopers

Runtime (Stream, Download): 78 minutes

Studio: Punx Productions, Inc.

Reviews & Ratings

 (32 rating) Rate and Review It
Customer Reviews
This is porn schwag! - April 18, 2009
Reviewed By: GagHerThroat

It looks like Rotten and the filmmakers spent a little too much time with the video graphics editor than they did on actually shooting hot stony sex. Loaded with a bunch of alt no names and standard, blow,eat,fuck scenes, this movie breaks no boundary and weakly realizes it's 420 theme by hitting you over the head with it.

Sure it's flashy, things jump to negative exposure, graphics and run of the mill haight ashbury psychadelia weave in and out of the scenes. The music has a very nice Sublime feel to it. But this movie desperately wants to be "Jack's Playground" with it's cute jokes and wacky voiceover work.

The acting is irritating at best. "Oh my god, I just totally drank bong water wow...that so didn't happen."

You want to give me a fucking break with this?

After waking up from my nap during the opening masturbation/travel brochure to San Francisco scene I made the following observations.

There is no ACTUAL weed smoking shown in the movie. The closest you get is the inhalation of a vaporizer bag. Everytime a character(?) takes a puff the shot cuts away to more images from Spencer's Gifts backwall. So fucking lame. The girls are cute enough with their candy gloss lipstick and makeup. Just look! Striped socks with piercings? SO ALT BRAH!

Look the bottom line is this, if you're looking for some alt hotness pickup anything by Joanna Angel or Eon McKai, or if like me you were hoping for a stoned out nasty good time with actual STONED sex happening, pass on this joint and hit up the following titles to get your fix!

Seymore Butts' High from Europe
Seymore Butts' Jamaican Me High

and of course the epic BLAZED AND CONFUSED trilogy featuring the incomparable Penny Flame.

and check out the awesome BIG BLACK COCK ADDICTION #4 and watch Kaci Starr give thunderhead while smoking some mad chronic!

But throw this shit out with the bongwater! No need for a volume 2 Rob!

Professional Reviews
- March 20, 2009
Reviewed By:

When I was a young man, events in my life put me on a course that didn’t include drinking or smoking or taking any drugs, and in general I feel like that has worked out for me. Now, though, after watching Bong Load Girls, I kind of wish I had said yes to that girl Emily when she asked me if I wanted to smoke some pot after astronomy class in my first year of college. Judging from what happens in Bong Load Girls after you smoke some pot, I missed a sure bet....

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