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Watch forty minutes of hard bodied eastern European Mistress Crystal kick and ass fuck Marco. Read More

Studio: Lakeview Entertainment

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Scene 1

Stars:  Slave Marco  Mistress Crystal  Keywords:  BlondeBig TitsDominationStrap-OnAnalNatural BreastsToysStanding DoggieOralBig Ass 

Scene 2

Stars:  Slave Marco  Mistress Crystal  Keywords:  BlondeMissionaryDominationDildoStrap-OnGlovesAnalDildo PlayNatural BreastsToysMasturbationBig Ass 


Watch forty minutes of hard bodied eastern European Mistress Crystal kick and ass fuck Marco. Her red dress hugs her gorgeous body as Her strong legs in red boots kick his ass. She makes him beg for her strap-on and then give it to him up to the hilt. She feels some pity and allows him to worship at her perfect breasts before bringing out the hug black rammer for his backside. Mistress Crystal has collared and secured his leash, now ordering her ass slave Marco to lick her boots clean. Then allowing his soon to be sorry ass to lick and smell her legs and inner thighs. She viciously kicks him in his hot ass, cock and balls for kissing her pussy without permission. Mistress orders slave Marco on his back as She places her spiked heel deep in his balls and cock. His dripping wet cock gets on her boots and she forces her boot deep in slaves mouth to lick clean. Jerking on his collar Mistress Crystal tells her slave bitch. She will Fill his ass deep with her Biggest cocks if he does not do a good job. Butt first she is going to beat his ass red hot! With his Ass red hot and slave screaming Mistress slips her fingers deep in slave Marco's ass. She is preparing his tight ass-pussy for a Big surprise. She strokes her cock as she decides whether to use lube or not! Ass slave Marco resists Mistress uses another one of her favorite straps on slave Marco's ass-pussy. Then while his ass is red hot She drives her huge cock deep in his ass-pussy. Mistress pounds slaves ass-pussy deep and hard as he moans and screams begging and pleading for more! Mistress Crystals beautiful breasts are hot and hard. She orders ass slave Marco to suck on them . Mistress tells her ass slave Marco if he does not please her he gets a Big cock up his ass again. Displeased with his performance she brings out her Biggest thickest black cock she has. Slave lies helpless on his back legs spread wide and tied. Mistress shows a little mercy ass she lubes his ass-pussy. Stroking his cock and balls Mistress Crystal forces the thick black cock deep in his ass-pussy. Slave screams in deep pain and pleasure!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 36 minutes

Studio: Lakeview Entertainment


Mistress Crystal  Slave Marco 

Directed By:

Steve Lake 

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 (5 ratings) Rate It
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