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Krystal Niles And Stacey

Krystal Niles is back continuing our foray into mutual female and male orgasms, we are happy to share her orgasmic episodes with her sex-mate and real-life partner Stacey. Read More

Studio: FemOrg

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Scene 1

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Scene 2

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Scene 3

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Scene 4

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Krystal Niles is back continuing our foray into mutual female and male orgasms, we are happy to share her orgasmic episodes with her sex-mate and real-life partner Stacey. Krystal walks into the bedroom and “catches” Stacey lying naked on the bed playing with himself. Krystal wants in on the action, so she starts taking off her clothes and hops on top of Stacey. Straddling him, with just her panties on, Stacey reaches a hand down to Stacey’s cock and takes a firm hold on it, massaging and rubbing his balls. She lightly taps his balls too, then moves over to take off her panties. She strokes his shaft, then puts his penis in her mouth for a little lube, for a combination blow job and hand job. Krystal straddles Stacey’s face for him to lick her pussy while he simultaneously strokes his penis. They switch positions and Krystal lies back on the bed. Stacey rubs her clit and his own penis at the same time while Krystal plays with his balls. Stacey continues to rub and “flick” Krystal’s clit. She slaps his balls a bit as he continues to jerk himself. Stacey and Krystal start to really moan. After a lot of mutual masturbation, Stacey inserts his penis into Krystal and the camera catches the action from behind him as he forcefully and frantically fucks her. Krystal slaps his balls with her hand until he cums inside her. Stacey then plays with Krystal’s clit for a bit. Krystal is undressing the bedroom, removing her clothing and pink bra and panty set. Her cooch is virtually hairless except for a very small thin strip just above her clit. Krystal gently massages her clit with her fingers for a moment then reaches for a white buzzy vibe. I can’t help but notice the growing wetness in Krystal’s slit. It doesn’t take long for Krystal to pant and moan a bit, and then she has a nice, solo orgasm! She lightly touches her wetness then sits up to wave bye to the camera. Krystal walks in the bedroom, sort of posing for the camera a bit. She’s wearing a tiny faded jean skirt and a peach tanktop. Krystal takes off the tanktop to reveal a sexy turquoise bra. Then the skirt comes off to show the matching panties. Krystal takes off the bra – still standing – to show off her breasts. She then lies back on the bed, and slowly takes off the pretty little turquoise panties, too. Krystal doesn’t waste anytime rubbing her clit with just her fingers. Her knees are bent and her hips start to rise and fall. Krystal reaches down to cup a breast from time-to-time as her fingers massage her clit. Her fingers are moving faster and faster and she’s really pressing quite firmly on her clit now. Krystal softly moans, hisses and pants. She looks at the camera and cums – it’s a nice orgasm – with nice soft contractions and a devilish smile. Sudeenly Stacey walks in the room and Krystal tells him she was just playing with herself. Stacey seems quite excited and ready for action as he quickly undresses. He lies back on the bed as Krystal kisses him, touching his penis and balls. Krystal sucks and strokes his penis, getting him nice and hard in the process. They switch positions with Stacey kneeling over top of Krystal masturbating as he diddles her clit and pussy. Krystal plays with his balls, smacking them from time-to-time. With quite a bit of build-up and soft moaning, Stacey blows his wad all over Krystal’s bare chest. Krystal continues to play with herself with just her fingers as her strokes her inner thighs. He licks his fingers and plays with her clit. He tweaks her nipples as she rubs her clit some more. Stacey reaches down to play with both of Krystals’ nipples simultaneously until Krystla rubs her clit and pussy for another nice orgasm. He leans over to kiss her on the lips. They spread her pussy lips for a camera close-up, showing off a bit of glistening moisture. Krystal is wearing a sexy negligee in the living room. She takes off the negligee and panties for some hands-on vibrator play with Stacey. He turns on her long white buzzy vibe and teases her with it all over her body. Stacey works the vibe on Krystal’s clit for quite some time – pulling back on her clit hood and teasing her with back and forth motions and little circles, too. Stacey gets Krystal very close to cumming a couple of different times, but he just teases her – not letting her reach orgasm just yet. Her pussy is dripping wet by this point and every time he puts the toy to her clit, she is twitching. He dips the vibe in some of her juices, then plays with her clit some more. Stacey pulls on her lips open with his fingers, then holds the vibe like a pen over her clit. Krystla is panting and moaning and smiling. He pauses for a minute – still not letting her cum completely. With the vibe jiggling right on her clit, he finally lets her cum. I could just make out a couple of contractions, but she was wiggling and semi-closing her legs. Her cooch is nice and wet, though, and Stacey spreads her lips wide to show off all the juiciness. Krystal gives a little naughty grin and kisses his forearm.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 55 minutes

Studio: FemOrg


Krystal Niles 

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