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Die Versautesten Omas Deutschlands (Germany's Sluttiest Grannies)

The sluttiest grandmas from all over Germany are on this disc. Read More

Studio: BB Video

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Scene 1

Keywords:  MissionaryBlondeStanding DoggieDoggie StyleBlowjobEuropeanReverse CowgirlSpooningOlder & YoungerNatural BreastsGranny  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 2

Keywords:  MissionaryBig TitsSide SaddleDoggie StyleBlowjobRed HeadEuropeanBig AssCowgirlSpooningNatural BreastsGrannyStockings  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 3

Keywords:  BlondeBig DickDoggie StyleStanding DoggieBlowjobBig AssReverse CowgirlCowgirlSpooningNatural BreastsHeelsGrannyStockings  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 4

Keywords:  MissionaryBlondeSpooningStanding DoggieNatural BreastsBlowjobEuropeanGrannyBig Ass  Pop Shot:  Mouth 


The sluttiest grandmas from all over Germany are on this disc. Unbelievable that they are still capable of performing, these old sluts.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 84 minutes

Studio: BB Video

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 (5 ratings) Rate It
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