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Enquete De Sexe

The French have done plenty for the argument for debauchery. Read More

Studio: JTC Video

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Scene 1

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Scene 2

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Scene 3

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Scene 4

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The French have done plenty for the argument for debauchery. They made smoking cigarettes cool, they aren't sustained on water, rather wine. They invented one of the fattiest culinary menus in the world and yes, they've mastered the art of kissing and fucking. You have to respect a culture that invents the menage a trois. This film does nothing but convince you once again to thank the French for quenching all of the bad things in life you want! And the best thing is that you don't even have to feel guilty. Go ahead, watch these Parisian beauties spread their beautiful soft thighs to get pounded by massive European cock in the filthiest ways possible!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 88 minutes

Studio: JTC Video

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 (1 rating) Rate It
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