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Andrew Blake's Hidden Obsessions

Rachel has a talent. Through writing she can create erotic masterpieces that leave all at the Read More

Studio: Studio A

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Rachel has a talent. Through writing she can create erotic masterpieces that leave all at the height of ecstasy. But when she learns that others are enjoying her works more than she is, she vows to learn why. For Rachel, this is a journey into ultimate eroticism, a trip into Hidden Obsessions.

DVD Features:
  • Interactive Chapter Index
  • Playable Worldwide
  • Photo Still Gallery
  • Andrew Blakes's Personal Behind The Scenes Photos
  • Runtime: 89 minutes

    Studio: Studio A

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     (23 ratings) Rate It
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    Professional Reviews
    - June 16, 2005
    Reviewed By:

    When I interviewed Janine about her new contract at Digital Playground she listed this movie as one of the titles she would recommend to anyone who hasn't seen her work. Since I have a copy here in the box of classic titles I pulled out of storage I figured this would be a good time to review it. It's been over a decade since this movie came out, but it still stands out as a classic. I'm not sure if it had much cross-over appeal to non-porn viewers outside of SoCal, but Hidden Obsessions was a frequent topic on a local morning radio show for about a year. The "ice dildo" scene became water-cooler talk and legends were born. Andrew Blake had already done some great work, but this was the first chance for people outside of porn to see just how beautiful his stuff could be. It was our first look at Janine though and we all know how that turned out. ...

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