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Debbie Does 'em All

Debbie finally gets the job she wanted as a stewardess. On her first flight, she meets her old Read More

Studio: Cal Vista

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Scene 1

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Scene 2

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Scene 3

Stars:  Jamie Gillis  Keywords:  Big DickBig AssBrunetteClassics 

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Scene 6

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Debbie finally gets the job she wanted as a stewardess. On her first flight, she meets her old friend Pam, who brings her to an orgy during their lay-over. Angel, Pam, and Nick have a hot sex scene in a jungle gym set. Stewardess Babs and Eddie, a passenger, always have sex in the washroom while the plane is flying - every passenger's fantasy. Debbie flies to Miami where she meets Antone, who has a very erotic love scene with her. Antone brings the best out of Debbie. Fred is Debbie's boyfriend and he is ready for her to stop over in Atlanta, but the flight is changed and Debbie cancels, just as a beautiful maid delivers the champagne. Fred consoles himself with the maid as she pours the champagne on him before giving him head. In the hottest scene in the movie, stewardess Judy completely devours the big black pilot as he puts the plane on automatic.
Debbie misses Fred, and when she arrives in New Orleans, she goes to a costume party and meets him. Debbie is so glad to see him she gives him head under the table. Debbie, as played by Angel, is one of the most beautiful women in adult films and Fred is a fresh new face to adult films. He's a real treat for the women - a Playgirl Centerfold with good looks and he can act.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 77 minutes

Studio: Cal Vista

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 (11 ratings) Rate It
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