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More Than Just the One: The Top Three Porn Jennas of All Time
By: P. Weasels - 01/18/2017
There are only so many names to go around, so it's no surprise that sometimes they can start to get a little repetitive.Which is why we are setting out to provide a comprehensive guide to the best girls with the most familiar names.
So Many Dicks!: Five of Our Favorite Gangbang Movies
By: P. Weasels - 01/18/2017
Gangbangs are a staple of porn - a bunch of more or less anonymous dicks occupying as many holes on a given woman as they can manage, seemingly using her but in fact becoming the tools of her satisfaction.
“I Love My Mom’s Big Tits 4”: So Do We, Son, So Do We
By: P. Weasels - 01/10/2017
As is often the case with MILF porn - all of it, not just the fauxcest genre - you have to be prepared for a certain amount of artifice here. I certainly don't mind them, and these are some lovely examples of the breed.
“Party in America”: The Hero’s Journey
By: P. Weasels - 01/05/2017
"Party in America" looks like it might have been filmed at the Los Angeles Zoo. It departs from the usual formula for a new refreshing experience on the age old art of Nuru massage.
“Daddy Fuck My Ass”: No Reason Not To
By: P. Weasels - 01/05/2017
"Daddy Fuck My Ass" is both hilarious and hot. Burning Angel pulls out all the stops with their latest film!
“My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 10”: Well, You Weren’t Very Careful, Were You?
By: P. Weasels - 01/05/2017
In "My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother 10", the folks at Devils Films have put together another compendium of scenes featuring internecine strife as young women find out that their mothers are seductresses and anal whores
A Shoulder to Cry On is a Dick to Ride On: I Cheated On Him
By: Seneca Sextus - 01/03/2017
Getting women to cheat on their husbands can sometimes be hard, but not for women like Amirah Adara, Daisy Haze, or Veronica Avluv. Your deepest desires are granted, with our latest title.
The word of the day is BBC: Ass Full of Diesel
By: Seneca Sextus - 12/24/2016
At this point, one could say, Shane Diesel is a field expert in ass-ology. One could say, that he has collected numerous samples and data points over a somewhat short period of time, and that, in fact does indeed make Shane Diesel an expert ass-ologist.
Work It, Make It, Do It, Makes Us, Harder: This Year’s Best Blacked Movies
By: P. Weasels - 12/21/2016
The clean, elegant look of Blacked movies is unique and iconic, with stark, spare backgrounds that give you nothing to look at except the action in the forefront. These are the best Blacked titles of the year.