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25 Must-Have Films: Classic Porn Movies (1972-1981)

Classic porn movies have withstood the test of time to become XXX movie legends. Here we focus on 70's classic porn, with all your favorite classic pornstars. Classic 70's porn is some of the best vintage and retro porn — titles like Deep Throat, Debbie Does Dallas and Behind the Green Door are now commonly known films even in the mainstream movie world! Like raiding dad's classic porno stash, these titles are some of the best XXX porn movies you'll ever watch...


Deep Throat (1972)

Linda Lovelace's classic story of a young and beautiful lady with a special problem: she feels she should be getting more out of sex than a lot of little tingles. Mix her together with a young, kookie and very horny physician who discovers the why's and how's of getting her bells ringing...More Info

Starring: Harry Reems   Linda Lovelace  


Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Starring the perfectly named Bambi Woods as a talented amateur cheerleader with an offer to pack her bags and go pro, Debbie Does Dallas follows her and the rest of the horny squad as they try to raise money for Debbie's trip...More Info

Starring: Arcadia Lake   Bambi Woods   Georgette Sanders   Misty Winter   Pat Allure   Paula Head   Rikki O'Neal   Robin Byrd  


Behind the Green Door (1972)

One of modern adult cinema's most enduring features, starring one of its most recognizable performers, directed by two of its most influential talents. Marilyn's role as the attractive ingenue works perfectly in this stylized, groundbreaking gem... More Info

Starring: Marilyn Chambers  


The Devil in Miss Jones (1972)

Justine Jones, a spinister in her 30's, kills herself because nothing has happened in her life. Confronted by the Devil and faced with an eternity in Hell she imposes the hypothetical premise: If I had my life to live over I would live a life consumed, engulfed, impassioned by lust...More Info

Starring: Clair Lumiere   Erica Havens   Georgina Spelvin   Harry Reems   Marc Stevens  


Taboo (1980)

Kay Parker portrays a woman whose husband has left her for his young secretary, forcing her and their son to fend for themselves. In order to put her life back together, she takes a secretarial job...More Info

Starring: Kay Parker   Mike Ranger  


Barbara Broadcast (1977)

Barbara Broadcast is a celebrity hooker and internationally renowned sex expert. C.J. Laing plays Roberta, a hot-blooded reporter who arranges a rendezvous at the Olympia Ballroom - an exclusive New York eatery where the waiters and waitresses serve more than just food ...More Info

Starring: Alan Marlow   Annette Haven   Barbara Broadcast   C.J. Laing   Constance Money   Jamie Gillis   Loren Michaels   Sharon Mitchell   Shirley Peters   Susan McBain  


Autobiography of a Flea (1976)

Based on the book (how often do you read that about a porno film?). In 1810, a flea narrates the goings-on it sees from the pubic hair of a young woman whose life is controlled by a lusty priest...More Info

Starring: Annette Haven   Dale Meador   Jean Jennings   Joanna Hilden   John Holmes   John Leslie   Mitch Mandell   Paul Thomas  


Alice in Wonderland (1976)

Alice In Wonderland, the first adult musical, has broken new ground. Playboy covergirl Kristine DeBell, considered by many to be the most beautiful girl in the world, can now be seen cavorting erotically with all the Lewis Carroll characters...More Info

Starring: Kristine De Bell  


The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1975)

Misty's life does an about face when she meets Dr. Seymour Love, a jet-setting sex researcher who makes a wager with an old friend that he can transform Misty into a sophisticated and sultry socialite. His goal is to have Misty become the next "Golden Rod Girl" for skin publisher Lawerence Lehman...More Info

Starring: Constance Money   Gloria Leonard   Jacqueline Beudant   Jamie Gillis   Jenny Baxter   Marlene Willoughby   Mary Stuart   Terry Hall  


Insatiable (1980)

Sandra accepts the lead role in a motion picture in the hopes of changing the direction of her life. What she encounters, however, are a series of torrid sexual encounters that lead her into a world of unbridled, breath-taking passion...More Info

Starring: David Morris   Jessie St. James   Joan Turner   John Holmes   John Leslie   Marilyn Chambers   Mike Ranger   Richard Pacheco   Serena  


Inside Seka (1980)

Billed as an expose of Seka's real sex life, this all-ahead-full sexual thriller would stretch the bounds of credulity if about anyone but Seka, the fiery platinum-blonde sex goddess...More Info

Starring: Ashley Dubois   Ashley Moore   Carole Bosholm   Christie Ford   Corey Kidd  Debbie Gukeisen   Ron Jeremy  Seka   Tara Mann  


Candy Stripers (1978)

What happens when you let three horny teenage girls loose in a hospital? They give new meaning to the word "bed-lam" as they make sure that all of their patients' needs are taken care of ...More Info

Starring: Amber Hunt   Byron White   Cris Cassidy   Eileen Welles   Lauren Black   Mimi Morgan   Nancy Hoffman   Phaedra Grant   Sharon Thorpe  


The Budding of Brie (1980)

Travel back to Hollywood in 1950, where a starlet could be made overnight if she had the right assets! Brie Livingston has everything it takes and uses her sexual charms to make Hollywood do her bidding...More Info

Starring: Eric Edwards   Hillary Summers   Jennifer Jordan   Laurien Dominique  

14. Aunt Peg

Aunt Peg (1980)

Peg Norton, a sexy, high powered Hollywood producer, invites her niece Sheila to visit her this summer, and learn all about inside Hollywood, and what a lesson! It's a searing, shattering expose of the elegant seaminess of a corrupt film world...More Info

Starring: Jamie Gillis   John Holmes   Juliet Anderson  


Lialeh (1974)

Lialeh is a hard-fisted super action, sexy adult film. Enter Arlos world. He's doing a show and Lialeh wants the lead role. Jennifer Leigh, as Lialeh, is a hot beautiful and erotic woman... More Info

Starring: Jennifer Leigh  


Outlaw Ladies (1981)

If you think the night is when things get hot, check out what these ladies do by day when their husbands are at work! Selling sex, buying sex, or just plain finding it, these women know how to fill their free time...More Info

Starring: Bobby Astyr   Candida Royalle   Jody Maxwell   Joey Silvera   John Leslie   Juliet Anderson   Marlene Willoughby   Merle Michaels   R. Bolla   Samantha Fox   Veronica Hart  


Resurrection of Eve (1973)

From Behind the Green Door to the performance of her career! Hot, Hotter, Hottest... Marilyn Chambers is the industry's most senually arousing star!Everyone agreed she has the femine luminescence of a Marilyn Monroe, and the wit and presence of a Katherine Hepburn... More Info

Starring: Marilyn Chambers  


Amanda by Night (1981)

Amanda Heather is a high-class call girl trying to go straight. A last 'favor' for a former pimp/lover results in the death of one of Amanda's young prostitute friends and she is drawn into a spiral of brutality, corruption, violent sensuality, and ever-building tension as the murderer stalks her...More Info

Starring: Brooke West   Jamie Gillis   Lisa Deleeuw   Nicole Noir   R. Bolla   Ron Jeremy   Samantha Hart   Veronica Hart  

19. Up 'N Coming

Up 'N Coming (1982)

Cassie is a rising country-and-western singer who gets a chance to open for a top-flight singer at the tail-end of her career. While traveling around the country, she starts to out perform the veteran, creating some strong jealousies... More Info

Starring: Brandy Monique   Clay Tanning   Cody Nicole   Donna Capris   Lisa Deleeuw   Loni Sanders   Marilyn Chambers   Tiny Mary


Teenage Fantasies (1972)

Rene Bond stars in this classic film about the fantasies of today's youth. She captures the art of seduction in every erotic detail and her manipulations with the male form earned her the title of "The Queen of Porn." More Info

Starring: Anne Silvers   Art Dolores   Jeanette Nichols   Mike Henrisson   Nancy Talmadge   Rene Bond   Rick Lutze   Sandy Frankel   Sue Frankel   Suzanne Fields  


The Story of Joanna (1975)

The Story of Joanna is a visual masterpiece dealing with human degradation and sado-masochism. The sets are artistically atmospheric, the costumes capture the period perfectly and the sex scenes are superior eroticism...More Info

Starring: Jamie Gillis   Juliet Graham   Steven Lark   Terri Hall   Zebedy Colt  


Taxi Girls (1979)

Tired of the nightly hassles of walking the streets, a sexy hooker comes up with an idea for a unique taxi service that would facilitate her promiscuous vocation and make some money at the same time...More Info

Starring: Adele Lambert   Aubrey Nichols   Candida Royalle   Celeste (Performer)   Hillary Summers   John Holmes   Karen Marshall   Penny Cash   Stacy Evans   Yolanda Borkhurst  


Eruption (1977)

Eruption tells the fast-paced story of a wealthy beauty and her con-man lover who plan to do away with her husband, collect $1,000,000 double indemnity insurance, and split the money and live happily ever after, etc., etc...More Info

Starring: Eric Evol   Gene Clayton   John Holmes   Leslie Bovee   Susan Hart  


Long Jeanne Silver (1977)

Yo ho, matey, this is the story of Long Jeanne Silver. In the annals of porn history, she stands completely alone on her two - well, let's just say she's all woman...More Info

Starring: Amber Hunt   Annette Angtry   Long Jeanne Silver   Lucille Ballz   Marc Brune  


The Ecstasy Girls (1979)

An evil producer is out to get his dying brother's fortune, and to do so must discredit his sister and her daughters. He hires three shady characters to seduce the women and film the seductions...More Info

Starring: Chiquita Johnson   Con Cover   Desiree Cousteau   Georgina Spelvin   Laurien Dominique   Leslie Bovee   Nancy Suiter   Serena   Stacy Evans

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