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“Squirt or Die”: Hazardous When Wet
By: Val Williams - 03/21/2017
This one looks like it's one of Burning Angel's fast-and-furious efforts, without much time for plot or fun (at least comedy fun - it's not like watching super-hot tattooed punks isn't fun), but we've never seen a Burning Angel movie we didn't like
Slythering in the Back Gryffindor: Your Hogwarts Perfect Prefects
By: Val Williams - 03/21/2017
Short of a shift in the basic laws of reality, you're never going to end up at Hogwarts trying on the Sorting Hat. Neither are any of these porn stars, but that hasn't stopped us from speculating.
“Dirty Little Interracial Schoolgirl Stories”: Better than Learning About Imperialism
By: Val Williams - 03/16/2017
"Dirty Little Interracial Schoolgirl Stories" has a couple of things going on - what with the Interracial and the Schoolgirls. So if you love schoolgirls and you love interracial, you're getting a double shot here. See how we save you money?
Evil Creampies and the Survival of Species
By: Val Williams - 03/16/2017
Am I the only one who finds the curious inversion of the creampie a little strange? I mean, it's essential for the survival of the species, but it's so rare in porn that it's its own fetish now.
“Taking Control”: Grab Hold
By: Val Williams - 03/13/2017
If you haven't had enough Nuru massage, settle in, because here comes some more! In "Taking Control," we move a little away from the traditional Nuru program
“Blacked Out 7”: Solid Black
By: Val Williams - 03/09/2017
Blacked Out 7 is a good solid gangbang movie; there are only two scenes, but each of them is early an hour long, which is nice. The scenes take their time, with lots of tease and masturbation, and the girls seem to love what they're getting.
The Horror: “Mandingo Massacre 11”
By: P. Weasels - 03/06/2017
You'd think after ten massacres that the authorities would have stepped in, or at least done some investigating due to all the Massacring Mandingo is accomplishing. Check out Gamelink's latest movie release review.
In on the Ground Floor: “It’s My First Time #5”
By: P. Weasels - 03/03/2017
When a girl decides to make the jump into porn, no one else is better equipped than the team behind Burning Angel to break a girl in! Gamelink review's the new, "It's My First Time 5" exclusive movie!
“OMG! I Fucked My Daughter’s BFF! 14”: How Surprising Is It, Really, After 13 Times?
By: P. Weasels - 03/01/2017
The art of fucking, is serious business, and so is the art of acting. Once in a while it's good to see a nice combination of both. Today however, our full attention will be devoted to the fucking in this Devils film, so sit back and relax.
“Subliminal Parenting”: If You Call That Parenting…
By: P. Weasels - 02/16/2017
Girlsway presents Subliminal Parenting, another Mommy's Girl production, featuring five scenes of predatory moms, horny daughters, and wet lesbian sex. Check out Gamelink's review on this sizzling new title.