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Movie Reviews

Workout Whores: Sweaty Work
By: Val Williams - 04/26/2017
Ballet teachers, sexy lesbians, lazy yogis, and just plain dirty girls abound in the gym. I definitely want to go there to start exercising; the prospect of getting sweaty with Ani Darling or Erica Black would get me to the gym a lot more often.
“Pump My Ass Full of Cum 4”: Wide Open Targets
By: Val Williams - 04/24/2017
Some movies have titles that leave you wondering, when you see them on the shelf, what they might be about. Some movies, though, are not at all coy, and so we come to Jules Jordan's "Pump My Ass Full of Cum 4"
Two is Always Better Than One: Double Teaming My Step Sister
By: Seneca Sextus - 04/21/2017
Ever wonder what it would be like to double team your step-sister? Look no further than this brand new awesome movie from Burning Angel.
Second Look: Five Underrated Gems
By: Val Williams - 04/20/2017
Everybody loves a blockbuster, but some of the best movies are the ones that nobody really heard about - the surprises, the sleepers, the quirky ones that slipped by, that you didn't hear about till somebody brought you back and made you look.
Neighborhood Swingers #19: A Nice Place to Live
By: Val Williams - 04/17/2017
I don't know what neighborhood these swingers live in, but it has to be in Los Angeles somewhere. Check out Gamelink's review of this new release exclusive!
“Toned and Boned”: A Sweaty Workout
By: Val Williams - 04/13/2017
Exercise and fucking, with some tease and dance thrown in, and we're off to the races. This isn't one of the (especially) funny ones, although there are jokes here and there, so it's straight-ahead punk-fucking, with no rest for the wicked.
“Prison Lesbians 5”: Girl on Girl Crime
By: Val williams - 04/06/2017
"Prison Lesbians 5" tells the story of...well, some lesbians. The prison part, you might have to use your imagination for, but it's the lesbians that really count, isn't it?
Step Sibling Coercion #3: Come On, You Know You Want It
By: Val Williams - 04/06/2017
Rest assured, these girls do in fact want it, and after a little convincing, they even ask for it. For those of you who are wondering which sibling is coercing which, rest assured it's the stepbrothers hassling their sisters.
Super Cute #7: Yes Please
By: Val Williams - 03/30/2017
It's hard to find a girl in porn that isn't cute, according to one standard or another, but Mason has been excelling at picking out the cream of the crop for a while now - with "Super Cute 7", the latest in the Super Cute series
My Stepdaughter’s Bush: One in the Hand
By: Val Williams - 03/30/2017
It's nice to see some natural bush in porn - it's kind of a rarity, and these girls have dedicated at least a few months to growing out the lady-garden for daddy. "My Stepdaughter's Bush" is the perfect movie to watch for your favorite fetish