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Brand: Lovehoney

Sqweel is a revolution in orgasms! Read More

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Sqweel is a revolution in orgasms! The sensational new patent-pending oral sex simulator has a wheel of 10 teasing tongues that will lap you to orgasm time and time again. Sqweel is a patent-pending sex toy for women (and their partners!) designed to simulate the sensation of oral sex. Forget everything you thought you knew about sex toys - LoveHoney Sqweel is different. It doesn't vibrate. It doesn't thrust. It doesn't just provide quick, semi-satisfying orgasms. Its unique wheel of tongues provides easily controlled stimulation at just the speed you need to deliver deeper, long-lasting, more 'real' sheet-clenching orgasms - whenever you want them!

Brand: Lovehoney

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Disappointing to be honest - October 4, 2010
Reviewed By: hornyChick

This seemed like a perfect toy. Yeah it gets me off but it's difficult to use, frankly; you have to manage it just right which is distracting from enjoying fully. The tongues are plastic and can be unpleasant if a lot of lube is not poured on them.And its a bit loud - aka you're using an electric razor...

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