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Girlfriends Films shies away from using big name porn stars, instead choosing to bring you real-life girlfriends and amateurs who aren't just putting on a show for the camera, resulting in realistic, true-to-life lesbian content. Founded by Dan O'Connell in 2002, Girlfriends was born from a UCLA film class. "Our hallmark is 'realism.' We don’t have the girls going over the top. We keep the orgasms real and there's plenty of kissing," O'Connell says. "There's plenty of chemistry in our movies. Our product continues to evolve more deeply into story lines. Our goal in making a movie is making something that people would watch the nonsex parts of; if there wasn't any sex there, it would still entertain them." Girlfriends Films puts out four titles a month.

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Net Skirts 18.0
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