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Surrender to Anal Vol. 12

Joanna Angel is a tattooed petite babe that is the ultimate fuck toy! She has a devious obsession with taking thick dick in her asshole. She loves anal sex because it feels so wrong but so right at the same time. This petite hottie loves to get fucked RAW and hard! She spreads her perfect pussy and asshole in every position!

Karla Kush is the ultimate blonde fuck toy. She plays with her bushy pussy and fingers her tight pussy until she squirts all over the camera! This splash zone pussy worships the cock and loves to bounce up and down on the dick. Her asshole is already stretched and ready to be filled up with cock. She begs for daddy to fill her butt and stroke her perfect clit!

Emily Willis is an all natural beauty. She has the sexiest body and the most amazing underneath it all. She lubes up her tight pussy and rubs it until she squirts all over! She loves more than getting her pussy filled though, today is a special anal prize for her glorious asshole!

Emma Hix is a dirty slut that has loves to get her asshole pounded out. She gets her whole body extra lubed up and wet for the perfect RAW surprise fuck. She feels up her throbbing clit and fingers herself to get mess the oil around her pussy. When things get extra wet, she stretches out her asshole for the giant cock that penetrates her deep!

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Customer Reviews

Three Reasons to Watch 'Surrender to Anal Vol. 12'

By Jackie Daytona
BANG! Is spicing up the final week of April with their 12th installment of Surrender to Anal. A tantalizing and seductive series all about, you guessed it, anal! They've returned with a star-studded cast of performers: Emily Willis, Emma Hix, Karla Kush, and Joanna Angel. There's no fluff in that cast, and you already know those girls can handle their holes. Surrender to Anal Vol. 12 has all the makings of a spring classic.

Joanna Angel is a moaning work of art
Joanna Angel impresses with her delightful blue lingerie and matching, dangly earrings. I have no idea what type of earrings they are or what they're called, but like hot sauce on a sandwich, they add an extra kick. Her tattoos wrap around her legs and arms, and she has an attitude that lets you know she's down for anything. She starts off with some toy work to get her asshole ready for a pounding, then she gets blasted with a cock. The beauty Joanna gives to the scene is not only her fat luscious ass and boner-inducing moaning. The image of her riding on top, back covered in a wall of colorful tattoos, and ferociously bouncing up and down is a work of art.

Emily Willis surrenders to anal
Unsurprisingly, Emily Willis delivers another highlight and slam dunk performance. It's hard to dislike any scene Emily is part of because she ignites the room with energy. The movie is called Surrender to Anal but the truth is anal is surrendering to Emily. Her anal performance is fast and hard, yet deep and purposeful. There's a demon in her ass and the only way to exercise it is with a slammin' cock. She craves it, gets it, and wants more.

Emma Hix gets oiled up
Emma Hix is the climax of Surrender to Anal, and rightfully so. She oils up her body to get ready, and her tits pop through her top. She's in such incredible shape you could mistakenly think she was getting ready for a sports competition, if she wasn't jamming a toy in her ass. The oil pours and pours in an aggressive scene where she bends and stretches like a ballerina. It's an array of awesome positions and shots. Cocks in mouths and asses all over the place. All oiled up, and still with her blue top hanging off her next. It's a pretty scene, worthy of a finale, that'll get the job and then some.

BANG! Has made me 'surrender to anal', and I look forward to seeing more in the future!