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Decompression Session

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Seth Gamble meets Nicole Aria at a cafe to catch up. Seth admits that he's worried about his massage parlor not getting enough business, so she asks him about the services offered. After Seth lists the kind of massages his parlor does, she points out that those massages are kind of bland. Seth realizes that he needs to try something new A masseuse, Sophia Burns, welcomes her newest client, Michael Vegas. This is Michael's first time getting a NURU massage, so Sophia shows him the bowl of gel she'll be using. Once they're both naked, Sophia applies the gel to Michael's body and begins the massage. Sophia says that Michael's hard cock clearly needs to release tension as well, so she gets to work on that, massaging his cock with her hands, then her breasts... and then her pussy. Andi Rose is new to giving NURU massages, which is why she doesn't immediately recognize her next client. He reveals that he's actually Brad Newman, the primary shareholder of NURU. They both get undressed, and Andi sensually massages Brad. Andi knows ways to help him feel even better and starts stroking his cock. Brad loves it, and they have a sex session that helps him to put his stress far behind him.

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