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Lady Boss Vol. 4

At the office, Elena Koshka greets Alina Lopez, who is waiting for her behind her desk. She asks her to sign a disclosure when dating someone in the office. As expected, Elena denies that she's involved with anyone in the office, but Alina smirks and pushes her a little more, knowing full well that Elena isn't telling the truth.

Chanel Preston is not the world's greatest boss. She spends a lot of her time at work browsing adult websites instead of working. Her employee, Casey Calvert isn't impressed with her work ethics and reveals that she knows that she uses the company computer for... personal use.

Serene Siren and her secretary, Kenna James, have been having a secret affair in their office for months. Now that their company has shifted to virtual working, this has left the lovers in a real bind. Serene expects to still have her needs met, even if they cannot physically touch, whereas Kenna is torn between extreme horniness for her boss and her nervousness about getting caught.

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Five reasons to watch 'Lady Bass Vol. 5'

By Dallas
Admit it. At some point during your career, you've probably worked under an attractive superior, and you probably let your mind wander into a few illicit fantasies about them. Lady Boss Vol. 4 brings those fantasies to life in this latest release from popular lesbian studio Girlsway! We're proud to offer five reasons you definitely owe it a watch.

Director Bree Mills
Performers carry the scenes of a porn movie in a more overt, easy-to-see way, but there's little doubt that the overall vision and cohesion of a movie come from the director. Bree Mills is one of the industry's best, and she brings her usual professionalism to this latest effort.

Pre-pandemic nostalgia
No, seriously! For as much as we all complain about the irritations of an office setting - the copier that won't work, the co-worker who leaves the break room in a mess, the awkward chit-chat at the sink in the bathroom - there is something fulfilling and reassuring about a shared workspace. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, many of us have had a new work-at-home office experience. Lady Boss Vol. 4, laden as it is with traditional office scenarios, is a throwback to something most of us didn't even realize we'd miss. (Naturally, it doesn't hurt that they add sex into the equation, too.)

The video conference scene
Last month, New Yorker writer and frequent CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin was fired for exposing himself during a staff Zoom call. It's been just the latest and most egregious instance of someone getting caught in an embarrassing moment while video conferencing! In a nod to the current realities of our working world, the movie's third scene spotlights a naughty video call between Kenna James and Serene Siren. Kenna wants to keep it all business, but Serene definitely has other ideas in mind. You'll be astonished how much heat the two can create even when they're not sharing the same physical space!

Chanel & Casey
Chanel Preston and Casey Calvert are confident, assured, intelligent performers, both fully capable of blowing a less experienced co-star straight off the screen with their pure charisma. That's why it's so fun to see them paired up in a single scene together. It's like the old paradox about the immovable object and the unstoppable f-rce . . . .which one emerges victorious? The combative dynamic of the workplace scene they share together gives the opportunity for plenty of fireworks, sexual and otherwise.

A different kind of phone sex
Anyone who lived through the 1990s will remember this infamous tidbit from the Bill Clinton sex scandals: the famously lascivious president once received a blowjob from mistress Monica Lewinsky while he was taking an important phone call. This basic premise is reenacted in scene one, with the requisite lesbian twist, as Elena Koshka fingers Alina Lopez while the latter tries to maintain her composure during a business call.