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Hair Pulling

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As kids on the playground, you always knew that shit was getting real when you saw two girls fighting so much that they resorted to hair pulling! Nowadays, it's one of the hottest things imaginable, seeing a woman getting her hair pulled and knowing that she's getting a sexual thrill from it, and we've got some great hair pulling scenes that are sure to bring you instantly back to your own sexual awakening!

It's a no-holes-barred lesbo chew-a-thon with Bobbi Starr and Tori Black (with the pulled-back hair). See every inch of their porntastic naked bods in Voyeur Within!

Bijou Phillips shows it all off again while watching some gay porno with Nick Stahl, followed by some obscenely rough sex in Bully.

Sensuous Sharlene Royer shows all 3 B's when Mena Suvari beats the tar out of her and kicks her out to the hallway. Sure would like to get stuck in her!

Kaylani Lei is exquisitely nude, stripping down to cute, natural T&A to ride a guy on the couch in Zane's Sex Chronicles.

In Erotic Obsessions, Foxy Flower Edwards shows every last inch of her fine form as she gets railed on a couch. Griffin Drew is a peeping Tom-ette who captures those 3 Bs for posterity!

Ever wonder what's it's like to look through C. Paul Dempsey's eyes? Me neither, but seeing Michelle Bauer's milkshakes jouncing around via his point of view is a definite delight in Heavy Petting Detective!

Tuesday Cross is completely naked when she takes on

Layla Labelle in the best hair pulling, nail scratching catfight ever filmed in Tight!

Check out Kate Norby's nobblies in the shower, then thrill to her full frontal goodness plus beauteous buns when she gets pulled out into the chaos of The Devil's Rejects.

It's twice the T&A when Noomi Rapace bares boobs and butt getting pounded with a strap-on dildo by her topless lesbian lover Trine Dryholm in Daisy Diamond.

A go-go nudie speed injection party turns sour and a trio of comely naked cuties dissolves into hair-pulling. Doris Porro has the long black hair, and gives good rackage in Hot !

Caught bare-tittied and en flagrante, a baddie pulls Ann Luisa Peluffo's hair while her boff-buddy looks sheepish in Corrupcion.

Patricia Javier's jerk off guy removes her from her bubble bath by her hair. Harsh, but it allows for a really great look at her bubbly T&A in Gusto Kong Lumigaya.

Of course The Big Bird Cage has the requisite prison yard catfight scene . . . but this one puts all others to shame, since it involves Roberta Collins , Pam Grier , and a bunch of mud. Oh yeah, and Pam's left lobber that flies out of her top.

Grab a look at the cans, caboose, and a quick bit of chocha of Tanja Reichert when some guy sneaks and assaults her--or so it seems. Surprise, surprise, that's her man and they're just spicing things up in Sanctimony

Tamie Sheffield's mams, muff, and munchable buns get plenty of glorious, gratuitous screen time when she cavorts on the bed with C.C. Costigan and some lucky guy in Wildflower.

Kennedy Johnston inaugurates us with full frontal as Ron Jeremy bangs her against a piano in Black Tie Nights.

Eliza Swenson's ripe and sweet mini-pineapples are on display when she (on the left) starts up a threesome with her man and Darlen Escobar in Pineapple.

Peep hot Jessica Bork's mamnificent norks when she enjoys some kinky choke sex in The Hitchhiker.

Misty Mundae and two gal pals savor a sextacular three-way in Bikini Girls on Dinosaur planet. Misty's on top, baring all three of her itty bitty B's as she gets her fluffy muffy munched.

A flash of frontal fuzz and a better look at Marie Barrientos Buttientos when she gets roughed up in a hotel room in Street Smart. Morgan Freeman to the rescue!

Heidi Paine and her huge, heaving hooters are murderously mamnificent wielding a dagger in bed with a guy in Wizards of the Demon Sword.

Topless Tanya Roberts struggles with some old bastard in bed as he makes her to fellate him in Purgatory.

Plenty of hair pulling as Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian head to the ring to settle their differences in Disaster Movie.

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