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Naked Sports Wives and Girlfriends

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Athletes have always scored off the field with some of the hottest models and actresses working. Now you can see what those lucky sports stars got to see on Mr. Skin's playlist of Naked Sports Wives and Girlfriends.

Alyssa Milano shows several well-lit, lingering looks at her marvelous melons while Charlotte Lewis snaps some sexy shots in Embrace of the Vampire,

Halle Berry bares her coco-nips, lush tuft and sweet, sweet seat as she gets boned by Billy Bob Thornton in an all out sex fest in Monster's Ball,

Madonna gives a full frontal flash while riding a dude in Body of Evidence,

Ashley Judd shows it all, including a brief helping of bush while recreating the classic Playboy centerfold shoot in Norma Jean and Marilyn,

Jessica Biel proves that candle wax melts in your mouth and on her mams when she dribbles it all over her topless teats in Powder Blue,

Eliza Dushku bares quick, but incredible, boobage while changing clothes in The Alphabet Killer,

Willa Ford looks killa when she greets her man in nothing but a pair of panties in Impulse,

Kate Hudson shows cannage as she dances in a hotel room with a couple of band members in Almost Famous,

Marilyn Monroe bares her tush and left-hand hootage in this poolside still photo in Something's Got to Give,

Kim Kardashian wiggles, jiggles, and giggles, but she's unable to get her tight jeans up over her famously plump rump in Keeping up with the Kardashians,

Robin Givens shows one of the creamiest mocha buttocks ever committed to celluloid so Forest Whitaker can take a lick in A Rage in Harlem,

Tawny Kitaen gets restrained, topless, in front of a bunch of mirrors in Gwendoline,

Cameron Diaz's right nip pops out of her dress as she fights with a guy in Gangs of New York,

Rachel Hunter bares breasts and a hint of bunnage on the balcony with Eric Roberts in Two Shades of Blue,

Jessica Alba lets out her juicy ass so Casey Affleck can ream it with a belt in The Killer Inside Me,

Kendra Wilkinson presents her perfect rack, crack and shorn snatch posing for a photo shoot in The Girls Next Door,

Mandy Moore walks to a window in a wide-open-sleeved shirt that shows off her right Mammary Moore in How to Deal,

Carmen Electra gives up a couple of quick Double-D shots while she gets it one with Mackenzie Astin in The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human,

Jessica Canseco lets out her juicy juggage while atop a ladder in Gettin' It,

Raquel Welch beans a dude on the head with a ; look for a quick flashage of crackage when her poncho blows up in Hannie Caulder,

Jennifer Walcott trots out her T&A in the bathroom while she and her friend get spied upon in American Pie Presents Band Camp,

Angie Harmon's right rocket can be seen in all its proud glory as she boffs Sam Rockwell in his trailer home in Lawn Dogs,

Gabrielle Union lets a nipple slipple when she hits the dirt in Bad Boys II,

Bridgette Wilson briefly bares her right boob while posing for a photo shoot in The Real Blond,

Lisa Dergan gives us an assortment of titty-shots as she enjoys some sexuality with a muscle-bound mook in The Arena,

Carmella DeCesare gives us some natural knockers and a bit of shaved frontal while posing for Playboy in The Girls Next Door,

Cathy Lee Crosby shows quick glimpses of her boobs in the shower in Coach,

Brooke Shields hikes up her shirt to show a "tramp stamp" she's like to get removed in Nip/Tuck,

Jamie-Lynn Sigler bares a bit of bada-boobage when both nips make a surprise appearance as she shimmies sexily for her lover in Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss: Unrated and Uncut,

Tara Reid shows a nice shot of her body while getting banged in a flashback in Body Shots,

Paris Hilton heads for her car and her right can flops out of her dress in Best of Paris!!!,

Carol Alt flashes can as she dives into a pool in Millions,

Angelica Bridges bares her right bobbler but the prized-part is blocked by a pastie in Son of the Beach.

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Naked Sports Wives and Girlfriends


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