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Things Your Wife Won't Do 6

Kylie and Veronica have been babysitting for a man who is just exiting an unhappy marriage. When Veronica learns that his ex-wife is out of town with the kids, the girls agree to get all dolled up to go keep him company.

Lexi decides the best way to get in good with her neighbors is to make her naughty intentions clear. She stepa into her hottest lingerie and takes a few sexy selfies. She chooses the hottest ones and texts them to Anna Claire.

Ryan has hired two sugar babies under the guise that they're his assistants. Kyler and Maya want to help, but they can't stop calling him Daddy. He suggests that they be professional, but the girls get increasingly sexual and handsy with their "boss."

Vina knows her man has strayed but what he doesn't know is that Vina has a side piece of her own in Alex. The girls are making out in bed, when Vina realizes Robby will be home soon. Alex says this is the perfect time to test his newfound loyalty.

These teens will do Things Your Wife Won't Do.

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By Danny Lobretti
There is an important chat you should have with a prospective mate before you choose to get married. You need to know that she will entertain every sexual fantasy that you may have if you want a happy long-lasting marriage. Of course, you don't want to have to stray, but the rest of your life is a long time. Make sure she knows what you are truly about. In this new movie called Things Your Wife Won't Do 6 we see a collection of hot stars who go to that place where husbands' desires are met. Starring Kylie Quinn, Veronica Weston, Anna Claire Clouds, Lexi Luna, Maya Woulfe, Alex Coal, and Vina Sky. Let's see where this set will go beyond the "normal" wife.

Kylie Quinn & Veronica Westin
The doorbell rings and it's two cute young girls Kylie and Veronica who have decided to show their neighbor the valuable assets that they are. They can do more than babysit help now that he is divorcing his wife. They sit down with him and are very flirty as they tell him "You can do whatever you want, you're single." The girls let him get used to the idea by kissing each other while getting naked. He reached in to touch their sweet young tits. It looks like their plan is working as his cock is getting hard enough, they need to remove his pants. They take turn sucking his big cock and licking his balls, what a beautiful show. These girls are the kinds of bff's that do everything together, EVERYTHING! It looks like the cock pounding fucking is really what they are after. Their tight young pussies need it bad because you can see the intensity of pleasure written all over their faces as he gives them both individual attention by going from one to the other. I bet he now thinks his divorce is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Anna Claire Clouds & Lexi Luna
Imagine you have a neighbor that you'd like to fuck (a NILF?) and while you are getting horny with your wife, she sends a naughty picture to her. That is what Lexi does to her neighbor Anna Claire as an "inside joke." What she really wants is to join the party, but they make for innocent conversation that is filled with innuendos. Lexi notices the bulge in his pants from his boner and offers to help. Looks like her plan worked because they are both into it and head for the couch to begin stripping down. Anna Claire tells Lexi to taste her husband's cock. She happily obliges as they both seem to compete with their blowjobs. Lexi is wearing a special sweater that allows for instant access to a beautiful set of tits. The chemistry of this group is amazing, and they are all so beautiful. This scene is a dream come true for a guy, who could ask for more. Husband and wife join to eat Lexi's pussy, fellas this a beautiful sight. Hubby enjoys getting his cock into the neighbor's pussy while the wifey plays with her tits. I think they are both happy with their surprise new fuck toy. They picked the right neighborhood to live in, happily ever after?

Kyler Quinn & Maya Woufe
A guy named Ryan has hired some very attentive assistants named Kyler and Maya. He tells them he prefers to be called daddy and they discuss with him the details of their duties but they both can't keep hands off him. Their banter with him him as he follows the pun in everything they say. It appears he doesn't want all this banter but what did he expect. Kyler exposes her pretty pussy and suddenly his lower brain begins to take over. He tells her he wants to teach her some manners and smack that t nice ass of hers making some glorious sounds. Now he decides to teach Maya the same lesson with some more glorious ass smacking sounds. Just imagine the luck of having a threesome but how lucky would you be to have a threesome with two girls that are so into you. It's like these girls are under a spell, I just love it. He takes his time eating their pussies good, one at a time. He gets a detailed blowjob, and they shuffle off to the bedroom for some hot threesome sex. Everyone gets completely satisfied on this beautiful day at work with their colleagues.

Alex Coal & Vina Sky
Vina has a little problem; she has realized her boyfriend has cheated on her. Well, she has been cheating herself with another hot babe named Alex. The two hot girls are worried about getting caught as Robbie is almost home, so they decide to give him a little test. They do a sexy cell phone photo shoot with Alex as the subject to see if Robbie responds to the sexy pics. Vina is laying in his arms when he gets the text filled with the photo shoot, he must excuse himself to go to the bathroom where he starts to beat off while looking at them. Vina goes to check on him, but she is too late, he finished quickly. For the next test Alex visits him in person to see how he reacts. He was able to resist her, he passed the test. Now it is time for his reward as the two girls descend on him and begin attending to his cock together. His reward for staying loyal gets documented in this scene filled with two sexy girls who fuck him in every position until the sun don't shine. What they don't know is that he had decided to go ahead and cheat with Alex, but we will never tell.

Danny's Details
I can't stop thinking about that second scene. It is on my top ten list of best scenes ever. The way those three looked while their bodies molded together, and one lucky man got to pound the shit out of both of those hotties. You could really tell he was very happy by his grunts and the huge load he blew at the end. What are the chances of two hot porn stars like Kylie Quinn and Kyler Quinn having such similar names and starring in the same movie. They look nothing alike but still, it would have been funny if they were in the same scene. I love watching Maya Woufe's sexy expression when she is getting filled with cock. This film is a top-notch porn fantasy filled film with tons of angles of fucking and every guy's dreams cumming true on the screen. I am going in with five full hard cocks on this film!