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Kimmy Kim and Lulu Chu thought that the news about alien parasites was too far-fetched to be true, so they decided to take a chance and head out anyway. Little did they know, an alien parasite was lurking in the park waiting to crawl into their pussy. As they are walking in the park, the tiny parasite creeps into Kimmys pussy, slowly starting to take control.

By the time they get home, she notices that something is wrong. She starts to shake and green slime comes out of her mouth. Lulu panics and she runs away but it was too late! The alien completely took control of Kimmy and she catches up with Lulu in seconds. As she holds her down, the alien parasite slides into Lulus mouth taking control over her too. Now both of them are infected, they start to crave sexual pleasure more than ever! They eat each others pussy and fuck until both of them reach orgasm.

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