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Psycho Parasites

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Detective Emiri Momota is working on a case, her desk filled with paperwork, when she suddenly receives a text from her ex. His message suggests they are coming for her. She rolls her eyes and sighs, annoyed. But then she begins to hear a noise, something coming from inside her apartment. She stands up and looks around, her heart racing.

Suddenly she notices her ex behind her, but something is off. His eyes are white like hes been possessed. She quickly hides in the closet, but, she can hear voices in her head. A strange is calling her, and she cannot help but obey the call. She steps out of the closet and undresses, exposing her perfect body. She starts riding her cock right away, starting an extremely intense fuck. The scene gets increasingly intense as Emiri gives him a blowjob and he fucks her hard doggystyle. He finishes with a huge creampie inside Emiris pussy

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Psycho Parasites


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