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Why Are You Doing This!?

Sadistic boyfriend (Lucas Frost) makes his girlfriend (Emma Hix) seduce her step-mom (Sarah Vandella) under threat of eviction from the house. But they'll find out soon enough that Bradley wants to do a lot more than just watch, and Bradley ALWAYS gets what he wants.

Trent (Dick Chibbles) wants to have a daughter and after losing his wife and another woman who gave him two other sons, he asked April (Alina Lopez) to be the vessel for his daughter in exchange for a lot of money that will help her to go college.

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Five Reasons to Watch 'Why Are You Doing This!?'

By Dallas
Pure Taboo lives up to its name by bending and twisting the family roleplay genre into one of the kinkiest results you'll see all year. The company pairs two thematically related mini-movies to make for an appealing double feature of shocking fun: Why Are You Doing This! Here are five reasons to watch.

The crazy genre twists

At its purest reduction, the movie's first scene action is a version of the step-relations flings that have been the basis for many boundary-pushing scenes over the years, yet Pure Taboo adds some startling, thrilling new elements. Scene two, meanwhile, might look like the "older man seduces younger woman" formula at first glance, but it moves well beyond those broad strokes.

Lucas Frost's performance

Sequence number one story finds Sarah Vandella sharing a roomy home with stepdaughter Emma Hix, whose boyfriend's father has provided housing in the wake of a recent decline in fortune. The boyfriend, played with effective iciness by the appropriately named Lucas Frost, is all charm and smiles, at least on the surface. The dark underside of Dad's charity is that he and Lucas now hold a certain power over Sarah. If she falls out of favor with them, she loses her house. Lucas has goaded Emma into confessing a shocking crush on her stepmom, and when the two of them are caught in a compromising position, Lucas uses the information to coax Sarah into a threesome. Frost's stone-cold manipulation of the scenario is what gives it such power and intensity.

The emotional performances in scene two

Scene two, meanwhile, takes on the tone of a horror thriller, as Alina Lopez discovers that all may not be as it appears with her wealthy, older employer (Dick Chibbles). He's lured her to his home with the hope that she'll agree to be the surrogate mother for the daughter he and his late wife long dreamed of. (Chibbles and Lopez demonstrate impressive acting range here, from confusion to sadness to empathy.) Once Chibbles indicates he'll pay for Alina's education, she decides it's too good a deal to pass up. They slink up to the bedroom to seal the deal, with sex that's weighed heavily with the emotional heft both characters are feeling.

The balance between sex and plot

Many movies use plot sequences to set up a sex scene, but then abandon the basic framework of the plot as soon as the sex begins. Why Are You Doing This?!keeps its characters true to form even when the hardcore portion kicks in. In scene one, for example, Lucas Frost's character remains the stern manipulative taskmaster throughout, keeping a severe sense of control over Sarah and Emma even when he himself is climaxing. It's the perfect sort of content for viewers who want a flick that provides a visceral thrill that goes beyond the simple mechanics of naked flesh and consummated instincts.

Scene one's final shock

(Mild scene-one spoilers ahead!) In the final moments of scene one, Lucas Frost seems to have gained complete control over Sarah and Emma, but he's not done yet. To put a finishing touch on his disturbing masterpiece of manipulation, he demands that they lick his cumshot off the floor. Knowing that Frost has a full hold on both of them, Sarah does his bidding in an abrupt, startling manner, as if motivated by a survival instinct. Emma whimpers as she moves away, stunned by everything she's just seen and experienced, in a reaction that may mirror that of the audience! .