Veronica Hart's Lost Hienie

Veronica Hart's Lost Hienie  - Front Cover
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Sex. Mystery. Damned fine coffee. Antics ensue when FBI Special Agent Dolt Jizzmond is sent to Read More

Studio: VCA

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Sex. Mystery. Damned fine coffee.

Antics ensue when FBI Special Agent Dolt Jizzmond is sent to uncover the mystery of the plastic elf's ear. However, after screwing his way through a wacky cast of suspects and a milieu of sexy situations, Jizzmond finally discovers what is at the heart of this bizarro mystery and then quickly realizes that all his hard work was for not, because no one really gives a crap. Besides, when the backward-talking midget says it's over, it's over.

DVD Features:
  • Digitally Remastered
  • Large Photo Gallery
  • Preview Trailers
  • Cast Biographies
  • Website Information
  • Full-Motion Chapter Menu
  • DVD/ROM Compatible
  • Playable Worldwide
  • Runtime (Stream, Download): 115 minutes

    Studio: VCA

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    Professional Reviews
    - February 14, 2003
    Reviewed By:

    Veronica Hart movies are usually very female friendly adventures with romance novel stories and soft sex. While watching the opening credits to Lost Hienie, I was sure it must be an Antonio Passolini picture. There are some really odd imagines flashing across the screen, making me think that we might be in for something a little bit different from Ms. Hart. It’s also got a cast that could really bring us some heat. Lead Julie Meadows is always worth watching and she is joined by some other sexy babes. Justine Romee and Keisha add a little Latin flavor to the mix and Sabrine Maui gives us some Asian eye candy. Kellyfire Steele (Who is going by Kelly Steele these days I think) also makes an appearance with her husband, Hamilton. ...

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