The Fashionistas

This 4-hour-plus effort from director John Stagliano clearly pushes the adult envelope, as evidenced by its 10 AVN Awards (including Best Film) and 20-some nominations for 2003. Simply put, The Fashionistas is unlike any adult film you've ever seen. Read More

Studio: Evil Angel

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Scene 1 x2.0

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Stars:  Rocco Siffredi  Kate Frost  Taylor St. Claire  Keywords:  Doggie StyleBig AssBig DickBlondeButt PlugAnalStanding DoggieAnal FingeringSpooningToe SuckingLatexReverse CowgirlCowgirlPiledriverFace Sitting  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 2 x2.0

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The Fashionistas - Video 2 Image 1
The Fashionistas - Video 2 Image 2
The Fashionistas - Video 2 Image 3
The Fashionistas - Video 2 Image 4
The Fashionistas - Video 2 Image 5
The Fashionistas - Video 2 Image 6

Stars:  Belladonna  Taylor St. Claire  Keywords:  GlovesBig AssDildoBlondeButt PlugBrunetteTattoosAnalAnal FingeringDildo PlayRestraintsBig TitsRimmingMasturbationCunnilingus 

Scene 3 x2.0

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The Fashionistas - Video 3 Image 1
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The Fashionistas - Video 3 Image 3
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The Fashionistas - Video 3 Image 6

Stars:  Taylor St. Claire  Sharon Wild  Rocco Siffredi  Friday  Keywords:  Doggie StyleBlowjobBig AssBig DickBlondeBrunette69AnalStanding DoggieBig TitsRimmingLatexReverse CowgirlMissionaryCowgirlPiledriverFace Sitting  Pop Shot:  Facial 

Scene 4 x2.0

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The Fashionistas - Video 4 Image 1
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The Fashionistas - Video 4 Image 3
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The Fashionistas - Video 4 Image 5
The Fashionistas - Video 4 Image 6

Stars:  Belladonna  Keywords:  BlowjobBig AssDildoClothespinsButt PlugAnal BeadsTattoosAnalNipple ClampsMaskDildo PlayRestraintsBig TitsPussy Torture  Pop Shot:  Facial 

Scene 5 x2.0

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The Fashionistas - Video 5 Image 1
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The Fashionistas - Video 5 Image 6

Stars:  Rocco Siffredi  Manuel Ferrara  Keywords:  Doggie StyleBlowjobExhibitionismBig AssVoyeurBig DickClothespins69Standing DoggieMaskRestraintsRimmingHandjobReverse CowgirlCowgirlKissingFingering  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 6 x2.0

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The Fashionistas - Video 6 Image 1
The Fashionistas - Video 6 Image 2
The Fashionistas - Video 6 Image 3
The Fashionistas - Video 6 Image 4
The Fashionistas - Video 6 Image 5
The Fashionistas - Video 6 Image 6

Stars:  Rocco Siffredi  Belladonna  Keywords:  BlowjobBig AssCollarBrunette69Natural BreastsTattoosBlindfoldAnalStanding DoggieBig TitsRimmingReverse CowgirlMissionaryCowgirlFace SittingCunnilingus  Pop Shot:  Facial 




This four-disc, four-hour-plus effort from acclaimed director John Stagliano clearly pushes the adult envelope, as evidenced by its 10 AVN Awards (including Best Film) and 20-some nominations for 2003. Simply put, The Fashionistas is unlike any adult film you've ever seen.
Shooting on glossy 35mm stock, combining fetish and fashion, Stagliano pulls out all the stops. Italian stud Rocco Siffredi collides with sexual hurricane Bella Donna and uber-babe Taylor St. Claire in just one of many memorable, cum-drenched scenes, and the award-winning all-girl scene is just too hot for words, you gotta see it to believe it!

DVD Features:
  • Audio Commentary with John Stagliano, Bella Donna, Taylor St. Claire and Producer Tricia Devereaux
  • 110 Minute Making of Featurette
  • 45 Minutes of Bonus Footage
  • Extended Fashion Show
  • Photo Galleries
  • Video Of Photo Shoots
  • Bloopers
  • Moving Menus and Transitions
  • Filmographies
  • Full Cast List
  • Playable Worldwide
  • Multiple DVD Easter Eggs Hidden On Discs

Runtime (Stream, Download): 278 minutes

Studio: Evil Angel

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

There is a saying "be careful what you wish for because you might just get it" Well, I am glad I am not careful. Long and often I have voiced my wish for hardcore porn that had top of the range production values, intelligent direction, decent acting performances in a plotline that neither embarrassed your intelligence nor held up the sex. Porn that was thought through, porn that got down and got very, very dirty - but for a reason - porn where women were not automatons but loved the sex, couldn't get enough of the sex, and no one pouted dead-eyed to camera. And now I have it. On my DVD player as I type. It is fabulous. It is everything I ever hoped porn might be. It is John Stagliano's flag fluttering on the very peak of the Everest of porn. It is "The Fashionistas" - a 4 hour and 40 minute epic, classily conceived and shot on 35mm film, a unique (in porn) and wonderful extravagance which you can see in every frame of every fuck. It has characters who you are interested in as well as just lust after. The script even has wit! The sex is not just sex it is serious fucking. It is dirty and animal, it gets rough and it gets incredibly inventive. Stagliano has got himself one of the most creative mixes of female physicality I have ever seen in a porn movie and most get there moment on the end of an impressive erection. Talking of which, the film stars Rocco Siffredi with the gorgeous Taylor St Clair as a designer dominatrix with a thing for smothering and the ass and tits to indulge it to the max. Stagliano fuels your dreams for months to come (and come and come) with some of the best performed and best shot fucking I have seen. Access all areas and this cast really look like they are enjoying themselves. Fans of the blowjob will enjoy some deep throat to make your jaw drop (although not as far as the charismatic and delightfully dangerous looking Belladonna's does) and boys who like girls who like girls can look forward to some of the best lesbian scenes on celluloid... seat-warmingly sexy, with an edge of violence, some brutally beautiful bondage and a scene involving a vast crystal dildo during which I do not remember breathing once. Everything about this film is good. It even has a decent soundtrack. Stagliano - who wrote, directed, and produced it - should be given a knighthood for services to a wrongly denigrated art form. In the meantime he and his film have been nominated for a record 22 Awards by the AVN. Every single one from Best Film to Best Anal Scene is richly deserved. Buy this film now... Staglioni and Siffredi spent a fortune making it, they deserve the revenue and you deserve the pleasure. In fact hold your copy of the Erotic Review in one hand and get online with the other... Order before they sell out... and I am lending my copy to NO ONE.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

I concur with all the previous reviews-you couldn't not.It really is superb, and very very sexy-as in really sexy.All the players act their rocks off, with Taylor looking so horny in her dom role, Bella as, well, Bella-that is,to say,fantastic.Friday, Chelsea, Sharon,Rocco,the whole cast all look stunning and the sex is hard and amazing.Staglianos' direction is excellent, and the production values top notch. Don't buy any other version than this-"euro" prints omit loads of scenes such as Taylor and Kate's dom/sub scene, lots of the club scene(back room),Rocco,Friday,Taylor and Sharon at the fashionista house,etc. By the way,the Easter eggs are easy to find:Disc 1:Select Play,then up to see Bella.Disc 2:Same again, to see Friday dancing as Madonna.Disc 3:Select Fetish menu,then up, to select Tricia showing her clit ring.On the same disc,selecting the 2nd page of the special features, select Johns' bio,press left to show a short fun clip of Rocco.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Buy this film NOW! Slightly sadistic, fetishistic, horny beyond words. This film is the pinacle of erotic/pornographic films to date. Watch it alone, or as a couple. If this doesn't give you a few idea's nothing will. Belladonna is dirty and horny, (as ever). Taylor StClare can spank me, and Kate Frost? Well, see for yourself.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

From watching the film I just want to make sure that when you buy this film you are prepared for it's extreme nature. My wife and I weren't and the level of 'bondage' was a surprise, to say the least. If this rocks your boat then fine but we turned it off after giving it 30 awkward minutes. Totally agree with the comments about production values and the obvious budget that was put into it's production. Thought you should know the other side.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Fashionistas is a unique kind of porn movie. Hugely erotic, it's photography, soundtrack and lighting excite just as much as the raw sex action that fills the screen. I like the style. It's porn with class in the same vein as Michael Ninn's 'Latex' and 'Shock' movies. If you like things tight, stretched, filled and generally maxed to the hilt then this movie should be top of the list. Enjoy.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

He doesn't do it often but when John Stagliano makes a plot-driven feature, he wipes the floor with all competition. Outdoing even his 1992 epic "Face Dance", "The Fashionistas" is a masterly achievement in erotica and the absolute pinnacle of the man's career. I don't even know where to begin trying to explain just *HOW* good this film is and how many levels it works on. For starters, it's 4 hours and 40 minutes long - this gives Stagliano ample time to develop plot/characters far beyond the normal limitations of X-rated cinema. The storyline is unusually strong and features Rocco as Italian fashion designer "Antonio". His life is deteriorating, following the very public collapse of his marriage and, in a last ditch attempt to boost flagging sales of his clothing, he flies to America seeking collaborators to work on a new line of fetish gear. It's at this point that a company called 'Fashionista' begins courting his attention by sending him a series of provocative DVDs displaying their fetishwear. Once he has met their director, the ice-cold yet ferociously seductive Helena (played magnificently by dominatrix Taylor St Claire), he becomes spellbound and is soon on a downward spiral into their dark world of forbidden pleasure and release through pain... Because the characters are so well-developed throughout the running time and the actors actually stay in character during sex (a rarity these days!), it harks back to "The Golden Age" of porn and makes each scene infinitely more erotic than just a series of anonymous bodies. That said, even without the character development, the sex here would still be blistering. I warn you in advance, it *is* extremely hard but very passionately performed. Obviously, given Rocco�s involvment, there�s a lot of his trademarked rough anal and athletic positions but, in an unusual role reversal, there are also some EXCELLENT scenes in which the Italian Stallion plays submissive. All of the sex scenes in the movie are long, exciting, unusual and unbelievably erotic. The fact that the production values *ARE* actually up to Hollywood standards (many films boast this but almost never measure up) just adds to the thrill. In a dream-come-true package, you even get a staggering set of extras on this special boxset. More than even any mainstream disc I've seen. I bought this DVD 2 weeks ago and I'm STILL plowing through a tonne of revealing, funny and insightful behind-the-scenes documentaries (including casting sessions, bloopers and bonus sex), commentaries, amusing easter eggs and cast filmographies. As if this wasn't enough, you even get a copy of the superbly moody soundtrack on CD! You can't lose with this package - it's the best thing to come out of the porn industry since the 70's and, for once, I couldn't possibly think of anything more I could want. There is not a single frame I�d change in the movie and the DVD is literally packed to bursting point with quality extras. This is, simply put, a perfect purchase.

Best ever movie - July 3, 2010
Reviewed By: Lilith

I can go on about how great the cast is, the story line and the great music is. hours afterwards I still think about the movie and belladonnas little tease. I can't wait to buy the rest of the fashionistas.

A "you must own" DVD - September 12, 2009
Reviewed By: HappyRoss

This DVD lives up to all the "Bests" listed in the advertising. The acting is magnificent and the cast of ladies are all beautiful and very sexualy arousing.
The story takes you in to the world of S & M that I have never experienced in the hundreds of DVD's that I have viewed.
For those who Like to walk on the kinkier side you will not be dissapointed and if you are in to rimming and have an arse fetish, as I do, the photography and the beauty of the arses on display make you want to jump into the scene and get some for yourself
Truly, a magnificent production

Reviewed By: the dvd worm

Well, that was 4hr 20min I'll never get back again. This was appalling. For a porno with a plot, it was bad news. Won numerous awards (for some reason), but missed out on the best one - total waste of time award.

Outfuckingstanding! - May 8, 2008
Reviewed By: zengoddess2e

Let me start this review by stating I DON'T WATCH PORN!! But The Fashionistas by John Stagliano has changed my mind. The movie is classy and sexy and has a plot (who cares) - - it won best adult film, best director, etc. The women in The Fashionistas are naughty and sexy and dressed to kill - - all that rubber clothing is a sight to see. Belladonna drips erotica . . . she must be the only woman who can give a blowjob up to my standards (or above my standards in this movie and to two men at one time). And blowjobs are the least of her sexual talents! Belladona's sexual feats will open your eyes (well probably something more than that!). The other women in the cast are equally incredible. Taylor St. Clair is ripe and luscious and definitely naughty and the blonde in the yellow rubber is just so fuckable. Actually, every person in this video is a wet dream (and I am very picky or is that pricky?).

Now to the men in The Fashionistas. Rocco Siffredi, the male lead, is awe inspiring in his control and bravado. I always think that most of the men in porn are lacking something which does not "come off" on screen (pardon the pun). But Rocco is such a dicotomy, not your typical porn star. He looks like a cute little lamb but there is nothing little about him. He is a demon with a big dick . . . manhandling one beautiful woman after another while forcefully coaxing his damsels in distress with his Italian-accented words. He can tie me up any day!

So in sum . . . I guess I like porn and hardcore porn at that! I already knew I liked B&D and even a little S&M (how's that for a novice) but this movie gives one food for thought. Oh yea, did I mention that there are four discs included in the package. Two discs for the movie, a disc for extras, and a disc with the soundtrack (can't say I really heard any music but I guess it was there). And even though this is probably the only porn I have ever watched all the way thru, its obvious that I started with the best! See what you think . . .

Professional Reviews
- March 13, 2007
Reviewed By:

As the man who pretty much invented the 'Gonzo' genre of porn, John 'Buttman' Stagliano could probably have rested on his laurels in the adult movie business. But with 'The Fashionistas,' Stagliano may cause the industry to redefine another genre: the epic. Everything about 'The Fashionistas' is big: the stars, the sets, the budget, even the packaging. The feature spans two DVD's. A third contains the extensive extras, and an audio CD is included with the entire soundtrack....

- January 22, 2003
Reviewed By:

With all of the recent talk on line about John Stagliano’s place on the list of all-time best porn directors, this is the perfect time to take a look at his latest effort. Fashionistas is a feature film, that’s right, film, not video. That alone makes it interesting. I’m sure that the guys at some of the big feature companies are sweating the idea that Stagliano has thrown his hat into the film ring. If he can bring the same elements to Fashionistas that he is known for, then certainly this will be one of the best films of the year. Few directors in the history of porn have been able to capture sex in such a visually appealing manner without losing the core heat that should drive any stroke flick. That said this one is nearly five hours long. Any porn feature this long is going to have to maintain a level of eroticism not usually seen from the feature-mills as they grind out their usual drivel and occasional “epic.” So, with high expectations, we begin the adventure that is Fashionistas. ...

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