Candida Royalle's One Size Fits All

A Sex Comedy in Five Acts.Our tale begins in a vintage clothing shop where a strangely seductive Read More

Studio: Candida Royalles Femme

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A Sex Comedy in Five Acts. Our tale begins in a vintage clothing shop where a strangely seductive dress shows up for sale and leads a journey of sizzling sexual intrigue. Unaware of how this dress has played a role in each of their lives, a group of friends recounts in hilarious detail their own adventure while wearing this provocative playsuit! Missy describes her encounter with a charming cad... Shanna McCullough reveals her searing seduction of an uptight beau... and Gina Rome confesses her dressing room tryst with a randy salesman! Nina Hartley unravels her racy run-in with Missy's deceptive cad, and Melissa Hill's casting couch audition with a hunky hopeful is both funny and stirring!
With lots of unexpected twists and turns in Candida Royalle's most sensually explicit movie yet, One Size Fits All proves that sex and humor are a wantonly winning combination!

DVD Features:
  • Message from Candida
  • Natural Contours Commercial
  • Previews
  • Photo Show with Commentary
  • Candida's Scrapbook
  • Candida's Bio
  • Web Access
  • Bloopers

Runtime (Stream, Download): 80 minutes

Studio: Candida Royalles Femme

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