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What is female ejaculation and how is it done? Read More

Studio: Isis Media

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What is female ejaculation and how is it done? What is the g-spot and where is it found?

In this groundbreaking and classic video from 1993 - the very first video on the topic of female ejaculation ever made - sex educator Deborah Sundahl teaches you how to awaken your ability to ejaculate. Deborah opens with anatomy charts, then demonstrates astonishing ejaculations with other important feminist figures on female ejaculation: Dr. Carol Queen and Dr. Shannon Bell. The women discuss why ejaculate is not urine, which muscles enhance ejaculation, how a G-spot orgasm is different from a clitoral orgasm, and why a G-spot orgasm can create ejaculation. Learn to flow your feminine fountain - let Deborah show you how!

Deborah Sundahl's other videos are: Female Ejaculation - The Workshop, Female Ejaculation for Couples, and Tantric Journey to Female Orgasm. Female ejaculation expert and author Deborah Sundahl is a female ejaculation pioneer. Her book, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot, and her video line titled The Female Ejaculation Sex Education Series draws on her 25 years of experience, research and instruction on this important topic of female sexuality. She continues to be a spokesperson for female sexuality and an advocate for sex education.

Runtime: 39 minutes

Studio: Isis Media


Also Starring:

Carol Queen  Shannon Bell 

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