Hermaphrodites - Asian He-Shes

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Ever wonder what it would be like if your wife had a big dick? Over a dozen hot and Read More

Studio: Leisure Time

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Ever wonder what it would be like if your wife had a big dick? Over a dozen hot and awesome-looking Asian he-she s complete with tits, firm ass, juicy cock AND 100% real pussy in this nasty compilation! Watch some adult s hottest he-she s give it all to you on the big screen! You won t believe what they do to get you off! Here goes everything!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 221 minutes

Studio: Leisure Time

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Customer Reviews
Another fraud from leasure time - August 15, 2010
Reviewed By: raider

This is the second time I got burned by leisure time entertainment (and I only bought their videos twice- the other one wasn't hermaphrodite but a little of everything but none of what was promised)
These are not hermaphrodites, not a single one. these are all women with fake penises. alot lot of them are ridiculously depicted to have an 18 to 24 in. penis and some are strap on and one was the same exact fake video from the other one I had bought. If this wasn't bad enough between the scenes you are paying for advertisement to call their sex chat numbers. If you see a leisure time video pass it up otherwise you are guaranteed disappointment. The description does say 100% real pussy but does not say real cock only juicy cock- but it DOES say they are hermaphrodites and they are obviously not.

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