The Private Life of Laura Angel

The Private Life of Laura Angel - Front Cover
The Private Life of Laura Angel - Back Cover

Special two-disc collector's edition featuring Private's darkest angel! Read More

Studio: Private

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Special two-disk collector's edition featuring Private's darkest angel!Maybe it's too much to hope that all Angels are like this, but press the play button and you'll certainly think you've gone to heaven. With a string of hit movies behind her and a regular on the pages of Pirate magazine, Laura Angel has become a legend at Private and it's little wonder why. Her fondness is above all for fetish, and we see her here in some of her most marvelous leather & latex moments with directors Tanya Hyde and Frank Thring, and then just watch as she turns her pussy to some ardently artistic work at the hand of director Antonio Adamo. The carnal cravings of Miss Angel are the common denominator that have made all her movies such resounding successes, and seeing her in action leaves little doubt that her obsession for sex is absolutely genuine. Make sure you don't miss all the previously unreleased material and interviews contained within this incredible movie as this lusty lady lets us into the secrets of a real life nymphomaniac and shows us what lies behind the Angel that we all know and love. The six sumptuous scenes which make up this tantalizing tribute come from some of Private's most prestigious movies including titles from the Private Penthouse series, Private Gold, Private Black Label, and of course filthy fetish fun from the Pirate Video Deluxe series. The DVD box also includes an additional disc with 10 more sex scenes which include the scorching One Night In Sixty Minutes special exclusive scene, and a Quiz Striptease with bonus sex scene!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 122 minutes

Studio: Private

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