Angelmania #5

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Hardcore angels abound in this fifth issue of ass-jamming, D.P., cocksucking mania. Read More

Studio: Metro


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Hardcore angels abound in this fifth issue of ass-jamming, D.P., cocksucking mania. Beautiful women, dripping pussies, eager assholes, open mouths and hung studs are key elements to this gonzorific, angelic feature. Catch the fever!

DVD Features:
  • Photo Gallery
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Digitally Remastered
  • DVD-ROM Compatible
  • Autorestart
  • Digital Stereo Audio
  • Playable Worldwide

Runtime (Stream, Download): 120 minutes

Studio: Metro


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Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Very Good - March 16, 2008
Reviewed By: asianmale28

I enjoyed this DVD alot. The girls were very sexy and European. I particually enjoyed the girl that had sex on the stairs. The host ended up having a hot 3some but I felt she lacked energy.
I would recommend this if you like european girls.

Professional Reviews
- January 5, 2005
Reviewed By:

Upon viewing Angelmania #5, any red-blooded American male who hasn't yet hightailed it to the Czech Republic's celebrated red-light districts will see exactly what he's been missing-then weep, just as soon as he cleans himself up. Assembling a panoply of striking vixens, ringleader Laura Angel showcases the natural wonders and unnatural acts of Eastern Europe's foxiest f**k dolls. A wet-and-wild threeway snowballs into a clothes-tearing, supersonic pussy-pounding. Since every ginch paraded in front of the lens is a zipper-breaking fornicatress with an absolutely perfect body, it doesn't matter much who's who. Even the hostess shows everyone how it's done when she grinds on a pair of blue-veiners in a flawlessly nasty DP. And what a finale-an amazing analfest with three chicks vying to outdo each other. The only frustrating thing about Angelmania #5 is not knowing how to track any of these sizzling succubi down upon arriving in their country. ...

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