Female Ejaculation For Couples

Female Ejaculation For Couples - Front Cover
Female Ejaculation For Couples - Back Cover

See the G-spot up close and how it ejaculates!Three couples demonstrate how to create free and Read More

Studio: Isis Media

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Women's erotic pioneer Deborah Sundahl reveals the often soulful process of opening up to sacred sex. The pathway lies through understanding the g-spot and female ejaculation. Deborah explains what female ejaculation is, and shows you where the G-spot is located, and how to stimulate it. Learn the ancient secrets are female ejaculation: what these luscious waters are, where they come from, and how to get yours flowing! Reawaken the exquisite sensitivity of the G-spot with an G-spot massage. The G-spot massage can turn a damaged or lackluster libido into a fountain of wet, juicy love again. Master Tantric teachers Victor Gold and Jwala will rivet you with a real life demonstration of this powerful, revitalizing session.

Runtime: 52 minutes

Studio: Isis Media


Leila Swan 

Directed By:

Deborah Sundahl 

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