Perverted Stories #17

Wormboy: The cold damp earth made him feel good. It made him feel secure. The dirt was his safe Read More

Studio: JM Productions


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Turn out the lights and pull down your pants as JM Productions tells you some more Perverted Stories!

Wormboy: The cold damp earth made him feel good. It made him feel secure. The dirt was his safe haven from a mean and cruel world. As the worms crawled over his body, his penis became engorged with blood. He was among friends. And he had the biggest worm of all, as sweet little Christian soon found out.

The Ugandan Mishap: Professor Hardman went searching into deepest Africa for an ancient tribe of headhunters. He came back alive, but as what cost? His head had been shrunk to tiny proportions. Watch as a South African specialist shows the professor and his friend that even though his brain has shrunk, his penis has only gained from the experience.

He Beats Alone: She heard the noise coming from the back of the warehouse. But all the workers had left for the day, who could be there? In moments, Perri's life would take a bizarre twist of anal fate as she discovers a strange horny man, a horny man who beats alone.

The Birthday Surprise: It was supposed to be a wonderful birthday for Sabrina; day spent with her husband.He was called into the office, though, leaving Sabrina alone in the house. And then two mysterious masked men break in and have their way with her. All on her birthday.

DVD Features:
  • Photo Gallery
  • Subscene Breakdown (Oral, Anal, Cumshot)
  • Cast Biographies
  • Chapter Selections
  • Interactive Menus
  • Digital Clarity
  • Parental Lock
  • Auto Start/Repeat
  • Playable Worldwide

Runtime (Stream, Download): 101 minutes

Studio: JM Productions


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Professional Reviews
- August 1, 1998
Reviewed By:

Well, five out of five for bizarreness, but for hot content? Three A’s is about all this video can muster. Of the four scenes on this tape, only the last two are hot at all. Of these, the closer, featuring the astonishing Sabrina, is one mighty damn hot piece of tape. As for the rest, the one guy who’s been fantasizing about having his cock sucked while the rest of his body is buried in worm-ridden earth will love the first scene. For everyone else, it’s just a chance to count Christgen Wolfe’s tattoos....

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