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She may be a spoiled rich girl with a trust fund the size of the western U.S., but that doesn't make her a prude. Read More

Studio: Red Light District

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Paris Hilton's Porno Premiere

She may be a spoiled rich girl with a trust fund the size of the western U.S., but that doesn't make her a prude. Paris Hilton shows the world her wild sexual side in 1 NIGHT IN PARIS, one of the most eagerly anticipated titles to come out in adult movie history. And by the looks of Paris' sexy, black lingerie, the wait was definitely worth it.

1 NIGHT IN PARIS features the beautiful, blond-haired star of "The Simple Life" and great-granddaughter of hotel mogul Conrad Hilton as she teases, flirts, sucks and screws her way through one memorable scene after another. And who's the lucky guy? Rick Saloman, Paris' well-endowed date and fellow party-circuit regular. As revealing as it is orgasmic!

Collector's Edition 2 Disc Set includes:
  • 1 Night in Paris - includes never before seen footage!
  • Red Light District sampler #2 that includes four of Red Light's hottest hardcore scenes!

Studio: Red Light District


Also Starring:

Rick Salomon 

Directed By:

Rick Salomon 

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Professional Reviews
- April 17, 2006
Reviewed By:

Right up front: if you’re obsessed with celebrities, One Night in Paris is worth looking at. If you have no interest in Paris Hilton, who personifies fame for its own sake, then the only reason to watch it is to stoke the fire of your already blazing hatred of stupid people. If you want to see some idiots confirm your worst fears about the idle rich ruling classes, or if you really want to see a celebrity naked, this movie is a ten. If you are watching for any other reason - for instance, to see exciting sex – find your way to a different section of the site. Among other things, One Night in Paris is an object lesson in why you shouldn’t film your own porn with no cameraman, especially if you and your partner are both stupid narcissists with neither talent nor sense. ...

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