Candy Stripers #1

What happens when you let three horny teenage girls loose in a hospital? Read More

Studio: Arrow


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What happens when you let three horny teenage girls loose in a hospital? They give new meaning to the word "bed-lam" as they make sure that all of their patients' needs are taken care of.
Deep-probing doctors and nasty nurses service patients and staff in non-stop hot action guaranteed to melt your stethoscopes!

DVD Features:
  • Interview w/ Bob Chinn
  • Director's Cut Unreleased Footage
  • Animated Jump To Scene

Runtime (Stream, Download): 107 minutes

Studio: Arrow


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Customer Reviews
Anatomy isn’t grey, it’s pink - December 3, 2012
Reviewed By: Ursa Major

The wrapper says that “Candy Stripers” is a classic, and I wouldn’t disagree. Sure, there is plenty of retro 70s brown interior (and that bedspread, my god!), but the nurses’ uniforms bear some resemblance to the real thing, and these days that’s a plus. The worst 70s excess comes as doctor George attempts to fuck Pam with his socks on - “how’s that for romantic?” he quips, but then lets on that his real fantasy is to “suck your asshole” - and when he’s doing that, we can forgive his sartorial inadequacy.

The best of 70s sex is tied up with hair, of course, and the beaver here is simply great; exposed at all sorts of angles and licked, sucked and soaked. There’s humour - the classic “...are you Jim or are you George?” as whoever it is comes across her face and one or two “don’t talk with your mouth full” jokes that certainly won’t have felt as dated in 1979, but it is the sex that makes it classic. There’s an unintended laugh in a slightly bizarre scene intro as Pam tries to get her patient erect after he’s peed, but they redeem things anally and once he’s come in her crack they set up a rimming sequence which is, well, cool, man.

The licking out that goes on at the nurses’ station is fun too and no prizes for guessing what’s going to happen when a bunch of bananas arrives. Miss Rogers, masturbating since we first saw her, rotates the fruit and Cindy tongues her to great effect, climaxing in 69, fingering her anus. Next door the patient Frank’s wife’s girlfriend Kay arrives (a hot cunt fingering hors d’oeuvre here) and candy striper Sharon get into a threesome which also goes anal - the candy striper right under the action - licking her at the same time as he comes into her mouth.

The authentic lingerie (which soon comes off) adds a nice touch and the final dramatic thrust comes as the prim and butter wouldn’t melt in her crotch “Sarge” gets her come-uppance at the hands of six (no less) nurses and candy stripers in the concluding OR orgy. These can be a bit of a blur, but this one’s not bad. Overall, there’s plenty of oral stuff, the girls look good and there’s inventive scene setting. The pink uniforms, old fashioned nighties and perms are OK by me; slightly less appealing is the phasing of the action, which jumps around a bit, but production values aren't at all bad. The soundtrack is remarkable.

All in all, classic indeed.

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