65 Guy Cream Pie #2

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Bear witness as Ariana Jollee gets her colon and pussy reamed by sixty-five gigantic cocks. Nothing Read More

Studio: Devils Film

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Bear witness as Ariana Jollee gets her colon and pussy reamed by sixty-five gigantic cocks. Nothing but a cum gargling, pussy choking and ass reaming good time. You won't believe the mess!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 92 minutes

Studio: Devils Film


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Customer Reviews
Filth - March 12, 2017
Reviewed By: Dan3

What a disgusting slut, co ordinates the studsso they fuck in time. Demands constant attdntion from acock. No one produces gangbangs like this lot

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Ariana Jollee takes a 65 Guy Cream Pie

Ariana starts off wandering around the group of guys feeling and looking at their cocks, before long she is sucking them all ferociously, from there it goes straight to a dp, and 2 buy 2 they fuck her, then 1 by 1 they cum inside her, some of the cum gets collected in a glass, some she scoops out and eats. Halfway through Adriana stands up on the bed and masturbates with suck force that she stars squirting everywhere (very impressive), then the guys continue cumming in her, by the end she is exhausted and the bed sheets are covered in discharge, this girl has some real stamina and deserves a medal for her efforts. There is some behind the scene footage, and an interview, which are worth a look.

If you are a fan of Ariana Jollee, or want to see something a little different and a touch bizarre, then this is the film for you, otherwise it might be a little to much.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Well it doesn't have much of a plot to it but with the title what did you expect?! The action starts by an indoor pool - Ariana looks hot in a white top and denim mini skirt. She toys with her clothing, quickly revealing her lack of underwear. All the guys are lined up by the pool there and Ariana proceeds to move along them sucking various cocks with enthusiasm. The scene then cuts straight to Ariana on the bed and straight into action being enthusiastically dp'd by 2 guys with the rest surrounding the bed. It would have been nice to see the guys warm up Ariana first with fingers and tongues though. The action continues with Ariana being dp'd by several of the guys, then follows a nice double anal scene. Next is the horniest scene in the film as Ariana takes a cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl position while sucking another guys cock while a third guy frantically masturbates her pussy - this culminates in an explosive orgasm with Ariana literally squirting like a fountain, so much so that some can clearly be seen on the camera lens! You see another squirting cum-shot later in the film also. The action then continues with more dp and anal action with the guys interchanging and swapping positions regularly. Although some of the guys have obviously cum in her pussy and ass you don't really see the first proper internal cum shot until 42mins into the film with a close-up of the cum dribbling from her pussy followed by a nice slow-mo shot. We then see several guys empty their load into her followed by her riding a guy's cock cowgirl style until she has worked the loads in her pussy into a creamy froth which she proceeds to scoop out and eat - nice touch! Pretty much the rest of the film is taken up with Ariana in either missionary or doggy position being energetically pumped by all the guys who empty load after load either into or over her pussy or ass. You don't really see any guys coming in her mouth though. Nice scene of her being pumped from behind while cum dribbles freely from her pussy and down her legs. Some of the cum gets collected into a glass tankard which she empties over her stomach and pussy at the end of the film. If your idea of porn heaven is seeing a total slut have all her holes used by hordes of guys with lots of messy internal cum shots then this film is for you.

Ariana Jolee brings home my teen fantasy! - September 4, 2007
Reviewed By: Shiraz2034

Ariana is a complete fuck monster in this film, demanding hard cock ("hard cock! I come with hard cock!!"). DVD starts with her giving head jobs, moves to a DP with most of the guys standing around, horny but timied; the guys relax a bit and start joining in - we get a wonderful scene where Ariana sprays out her own cum juices as she orgasms!

We move on to intermittent cream pies and Ariana is having them cum on her ass/pussy and saving it in a jar (sorry, it's all a big tease, she doesn't drink it!). Some great pumping sex with guy after guy, some anal, some pussy.

Daylight begins to fade and the remaining dozen or so guys crowd around, taking turns to pump away, sometimes without an edit (so much hotter seeing it happen in real time!).

I would like to see more of who is actually fucking her. We don't see enough of which guy is doing the action. Most of them are late teens/early twenties amateurs, so they are absolutely rock hard, lean bodies and cum hard. Brought me back to my sex starved teen days on the football team, showering after practice, going home to masturbate furiously, thinking about gang bang group sex in the shower (me last of course).

Now two of these 65 guys have popped up on gay/bi bareback DVD ("Rocky Summers"). Guess the sight of 65 cocks inspired them.

great - April 29, 2007
Reviewed By: Swordphish2

highly recommended

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