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Those adorable and ever-horny angels of mercy are back to make your temperature rise in a laugh-and-lust packed sequel to one of the biggest selling classics of all time. Read More

Studio: Arrow


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Those adorable and ever-horny angels of mercy are back to make your temperature rise in a laugh-and-lust packed sequel to one of the biggest selling classics of all time. Candy Stripers Angie and Sarah are only interested in patients and partying, but they'll have their hands full (in more ways than one) with the trouble that's brewing at Northwest General. Dr. Fine's feel good aphrodisiac gas has gotten loose, causing doctors, patients and nurses to throw their inhibitions to the wind! There's the newly-wed couple who won't let a broken arm get in the way of consummating their naughty nuptuals, the hypochondriac patient who requires a candy striper gang-bang to put him on the road to recovery, the horny head nurse who's out to devour a husband-and-wife team of doctors and even Army intelligence gets into the act, with a top brass major who gets polished off in high and horny style!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 80 minutes

Studio: Arrow


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Customer Reviews
There’s something in the air... - December 4, 2012
Reviewed By: Ursa Major

Sequels don’t always have the energy and impact of their originals, but Candy Stripers 2 hits some good and original notes to keep the franchise panting. Tuning into another striking sound track from Joe Skippi and his boys raises a smile, but the real winner is the script - this time the jokes are well made and some are actually quite funny.

The two best dramatic devices come from the coupling of Drs Howard, engineered inadvertently by nurse Noble - or is that Nobel? - and new wife Emily’s encounter with the plastered man. Meanwhile, her other half gets into a pretty finger lickin’ good mutual masturbation scene with candy striper Sarah, but Emily’s got a great body and uses the full range of her assets into teasing us into believing in her virginal state. Right up to the moment when she first slides a lace covered finger over her clitoris as she acts the voyeur.

Some wonderfully unreconstructed patriarchy gets full expression in the treatment of nurse Kelly who knows her place and who who will take her medicine. Wonderful breasts complemented by more authentic lingerie and nice angles for the oral stuff. The nurses’ station does even better service this time for the oral pyrotechnics - and that’s perhaps where the emphasis falls in CS2. Less anal, more oral.

Then there’s the appalling Mr Schapiro - whose awkwardness is matched only by the sublime dumbness of candy striper Angie; she comes to the rescue in the only way she knows how, but the introduction of “tag team therapy” was a new one on me. It was a new one on him too, three pretty girls masturbating him to the point of discharge.

Finally, we have Dr Waldo (the clue’s in the name) whose creative scientific antics introduce the world to the first aerosol aphrodisiac to take over a hospital floor. Dr Howard’s the first to succumb and nurse Nobel gets the prize. Great natural tits and what can only be described as “attitude”. She’s good at making coffee too. So, a pretty fair outing for some good looking girls and a worthy successor to the Candy Striper finale with two threesomes and lots and lots of licking.

Nurses’ uniforms, lingerie, laughs and lots of natural beaver: great!

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