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The long-awaited original, uncut and digitally remastered. It's a fresh take on the boarding Read More

Studio: VCX

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The long-awaited original, uncut and digitally remastered.

It's a fresh take on the boarding school theme. Don't worry, the girls still engage in lots of sexual shenanigans with each other and their college faculty and staff, but this movie has something the others sadly lack: an IQ well above room temperature and a wit sharper than the high heels its stars are constantly slipping out of. Made in 1977, this title is a true classic by all standards and many of its stars will now seem like fresh new faces. This film is fun to watch as a time capsule of sorts containing 70's utterly care-free sex and totally natural bodies. A real keeper.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 74 minutes

Studio: VCX


Also Starring:

Debby Damboise  Elaine Wells  Tamara Morgan  Ken Cotton 

Directed By:

Joanna Williams 

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Customer Reviews
My school was nothing like this! - January 1, 2016
Reviewed By: Doc Holliday

This film withstands the test of time. Smoking hot!

Probably the single best adult film of the 1970s - August 9, 2008
Reviewed By: sleepypie

In terms of pure eroticism, this movie is likely the #1 adult film of all time. If I was to pick a Top 10, at least five of them would be certain films directed by the best adult film director in history, Gerard Damiano (believe me, the hideous "Deep Throat" was his absolute worst). "Little Girls Blue" is the film that Damiano wishes he had made, beautifully shot in the San Francisco and Oakland area with inventive, explosive fantasy sequences, especially for fans of fellatio and schoolgirls. However, the only flaw is in one scene near the beginning that involves a very cute one-hit wonder (a beautiful young girl that I certainly never saw again in anything else) in class, fantasizing about the teacher, a young Paul Thomas. Very disappointing indeed. I do not understand why this scene did not come to full fruition, which it likely would have if Damiano was directing. If not for that idiotic move, this movie might have been near perfection. "The Opening of Misty Beethoven" is usually thought of as the best classic adult film ever made, and it is no doubt one of the best, but for raw, unadorned eroticism, "Little Girls Blue" is hard to beat - pardon the pun. Part 2 is not bad, especially the scenes with Laurie Blue, but somehow misses the magic of the original.

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