Smoking Sirens

Smoking Sirens - Front Cover
Smoking Sirens - Back Cover

Good girls don't smoke, but bad girls do. Read More

Studio: Britco Pictures

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Good girls don't smoke, but bad girls do. That would be my friends and I, Brittany Andrews, your queen of all things fetish! Not just seeing our bad girls allowing that soft blue smoke to caress their features can cause the blood to start flowing to your nether regions. You see them smoking, flirting with death and you start to wonder just what else these bad girls do that they're not supposed to. The whole act of smoking is an orchestra of erotic art for us. We know and understand the seductive nature of smoking and intend to ensnare you with our wiles. If this sounds like what you want, cum inside and check out what we have waiting inside for you.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 57 minutes

Studio: Britco Pictures

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