Swallow My Squirt #4

Swallow My Squirt 4 features non-stop streams of female squirt, swallowed by a delectably debauched and beautiful all star cast! Read More

Studio: Elegant Angel


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Swallow My Squirt 4 features non-stop streams of female squirt, swallowed by a delectably debauched and beautiful all star cast! William H.'s cum drenched camera lens is a testament to why no other porn studio makes squirting movies quite like Elegant Angel.

DVD Features:
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Bonus Scene
  • Full Motion Menus
  • Easter Egg
  • Photo Gallery
  • Trailers

Runtime (Stream, Download): 112 minutes

Studio: Elegant Angel


Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Wet women look better - February 25, 2007
Reviewed By: Eroticon

For some reason women look better wet. These women look great from the beginning, and it just gets better. The movie has it all, from deep lingering lesbian kissing over gluttonous two-on-one blow jobs to deep anal penetration mixed with forceful female fountains shooting straight into wide open mouths.

What makes SWALLOW MY SQUIRT 4 stand out, really, is the fact that the positions, the camera work and the acting all enchance the feeling that these poor sluts are being overwhelmed. They cannot help themselves, as they lie stretched out with a guy pounding his hips against their buts and an equally experienced woman with full knowledge of her body shoots straight into their face, again and again.

The girls are not sore about it, either. They know how to show that they are open in all holes, willing and submissive when it is called for, and wild and aggressive when they have to bring a partner to the point of no control. Some of them take the juice from both genders at the same time, as if it was a vodka martini, while others chew on the rod after it has been dipped in the anus of their girl friend as if that was a particular delicious culinary experience.

The movie is pretty much a genre movie, where every tableau resembles the previous, but with some slight twist: Squirts are delivered down or up, with the girl's face fixed or not, during or after intercourse, and with or without the addition of cum-licking and -sharing. Still, it never gets too dull, and there are details to be missed with every fast forward, so better keep you hand from that dial.

These girls don't exactly swallow it all. It is particularly charming to see girls who get showered several times, until their skin is is glistening and their hair is all messed up. SWALLOW MY SQUIRT 4 is a movie that is worth seeing more than once. Every scene is artistic yet well performed by the actresses, so going for the DVD experience might be an idea - it is worth the wait, as it also improves the pixel ratio and movie quality.

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