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A one hour adventure with mistress Minax and mistress Isobel. Read More

Studio: Lakeview Entertainment

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A one hour adventure with mistress Minax and mistress Isobel. Watch as they collar and transform their male subject and use him for their amusement. He is forced into pantyhose and frilly pink panties and made to dance and sing before having his mouth and asshole filled. They double team him and switch often, making him suck cock and take their strap-ons deep up his ass. Flipped to his back, Mistress Isobel face sits him and Mistress Minax's black gloved hand yanks a load of cum from him.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 60 minutes

Studio: Lakeview Entertainment


Directed By:

Steve Lake 

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Customer Reviews
This One Gets Everything Right - May 11, 2007
Reviewed By: poontang29

After seeing many domination videos and about ten sissification videos, I would have to say this video from Mistress Minax gets almost everything right. From the spitting, to the degrading and witty (sometimes even funny) comments coming from the two dommes, this video is very professional and very hot. The lighting is good and it seems like it was done from Mistress Minax's own dungeon. The other mistress also does a very good job as well (both of them are professional dommes so they know their stuff). They aren't just porn actresses pretending to be dommes. Mistress Minax plays her role perfectly as the ringleader in this fantastic BDSM session. The only thing it's lacking, in my opinion, is a full transformation on the part of the guy. Maybe that is asking too much - at least he is shaved when they do penetration. Overall, this video goes a long way toward setting a new standard in femdom videos and it is worth multiple viewings. Enjoy:)

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