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Jenna commits suicide in a hotel then is forced to journey through the underworld to effect her release. Read More

Studio: Club Jenna

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Jenna Jameson's conquered every place on earth, so what's left? After the loss of her best friend and a vicious argument with her husband, Jenna's ready to shuffle off this mortal coil, which she does (Jenna Jameson in the bathtub with the razor, for you Clue players). Once Jenna's in Hell, though, she reunites with best friend Janine Lindemulder, who will do anything to keep Jenna from being damned for eternity; up to and including the devil himself. Their journey out of the Pit has to be seen to be believed; distractions include Rita Faltoyano, Justine Joli, anal sex, deadly sins, and the big man himself. Where will it all end? Watch and see in this diabolic Club Jenna title.

Jenna commits suicide in a hotel then is forced to journey through the underworld to effect her release. Along the way she encounters one depraved act after another meeting Janine as well as the King of Hades. The sets were wild, like nothing I've ever seen before. This isn't heaven versus hell. This is pure purgatory, a dark, lush sexual dreamscape where any desire can produce both bittersweet pain as well as unimaginable ecstasy where no desire, no matter how thoroughly pursued, is every fully quenched to satisfaction.

DVD Features:
  • Special 2-Disc Set
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Bonus Scene
  • Bloopers
  • Photo Gallery
  • Bonus Solo Scenes
  • Music Soundtrack
  • Exclusive DVD Booklet
  • Dolby Digital Sound 5.1
  • DVD-ROM Compatible
  • Previews
  • Playable Worldwide

Runtime (Stream, Download): 148 minutes

Studio: Club Jenna

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Fantastic - January 1, 2018
Reviewed By: FlyingBiscuit


Hotter then HELL!!! - May 15, 2007
Reviewed By: Skeletodd

I received JLJ a few days ago and have watched it several times. It is amazing and fabulous. I have never seen such special effects in an adult film and these are spectacular. They fit in perfectly and don't take anything away from the action going on. Jenna looks better then ever. GREAT JOB!!!

Janine and Jenna is a great team!!!!! - May 14, 2007
Reviewed By: Beta Man

The movie is great. Jenna and Janine's innocence shine on. Great cartoon to start the movie. Janine does have a DP, but it is with 2 girls. No dp with 2 guys, but still worth it. I think this movie goes back to the roots of the innocence of Janine and Jenna. A classic in its own right. The sex is good. Acting is good and you definetly get to see the flexibility of Janine and Jenna when they do a scene together.This movie is a must to own.

Professional Reviews
- November 9, 2007
Reviewed By:

In Janine Loves Jenna, there are certain plotlines that offer a maximum of opportunity for the characters to get fucked left and right without recourse to sense or logic; chief among these is the trip through Hell (or what the main character, usually a woman, believes is Hell). This device offers as well the maximum excuse for foreboding music, smoke, exotic costumes, and religious imagery, and it is indeed a popular one. Despite its name, Janine Loves Jenna is a trip-through-hell title, another odyssey through the subconscious of a tormented woman (and, on another level, of another porn director)....

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