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Paul Thomas presents a two tales of one city. Read More

Studio: Vivid

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Paul Thomas brings you a two-for-one special -- a pair of stories with a moral for the modern age. In "Gigolo," George and Henri are two metrosexuals who live to service Bobbie and Lanny Barby, a pair of dominant female socialites; they live in the girls' house, do the cooking and cleaning, and get the girls off when they need it. In "Dead Dad's Wife" Steve, Henri's twin brother, is a man's man, a seducer and a stud, but when his grieving stepmother mistakes him for his recently deceased dad and puts the moves on him -- well, what's a stud to do?

Paul Thomas presents two tales of one city. "Gigolo" tells the story of two successful women and the manwhores who service them. Lannie Barbie and her nasty Canadian girlfriend are too sexy for themselves. They treat the manginas who cook, clean, and fuck them as dogs under their feet. And when it's time for bed, that kind of domination can get very kinky. In "Dead Dad's Wife," our hero comforts his newly widowed, young stepmother. Through her grief and loneliness she opens her heart and her legs to her stepson. But when she begs him to do her like Dad did, it's too fucking weird and he is outta there. Paul Thomas' City Sex, you'll watch it once for the three-ways. And again for the two stories.

DVD Features:
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Runtime (Stream, Download): 87 minutes

Studio: Vivid

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Professional Reviews
- August 24, 2007
Reviewed By:

As usual in the Paul Thomas oeuvre, the title bears no relationship to the story. City Sex isn't about cities; it says on the back of the box that this is a movie about "two tales of one city," but there is no city involved. Still, the performers are game, and as long as you don't buy City Sex looking for a geographically grounded story, you'll be okay. ...

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