Babysitters is a sexually charged, real-life story about the mesmerizing effect babysitters have on different people. Read More

Studio: Digital Playground

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Babysitters is a sexually charged, real-life story about the mesmerizing effect babysitters have on different people. Starring Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Shay Jordan and Sophia Santi, Babysitters hosts an incredible roster of stars. Behind the manicured lawns and the double French doors, sexy babysitters are doing what they do best and it has nothing to do with babies! Babysitters features seven phenomenal scenes including tantalizing boy/girl, slammin' anal, crazy orgies, blow bangs and enough light dialogue to delightfully intrigue your significant other! Director Robby D. creates perfect chemistry in this unique approach to storytelling, which weaves a tangible plot with hot and horny sex, appealing to every demographic.

DVD Features:
  • Shot in HD
  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Motion Chapter Index
  • Contract Star Bios
  • Photo Gallery
  • Bloopers
  • 5.1 Digital Surround Sound
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Runtime (Stream, Download): 131 minutes

Studio: Digital Playground

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

This DVD is compulsory viewing for any one who has seen Cheerleders and who wants to continue to view quality porn. The movie features a good storyline, a hint of comedy and actors with great looks. Slightly harder in places than Cheerleaders the film provides ideal viewing for singles and couples boy/girl. girl/girl and group action. Scenes of note include a young babe deep throating three guys, an all girl sex toy orgy and threesome action. Thats it from me as I/m off to watch the film again.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

When I saw the cover for Babysitters and the sterling cast in it, I thought this looks good. I was wrong, it was better than that, THIS IS FUCKING BRILLIANT! The way each scene is made is so damn erotic and the performances are sexiness personified. Everything looks so good but it's not at the sacrifice of a sense of warmth to the chararcters because everyone plays their role to such perfection. The action is probably a little harder than you might think but I doubt that's a bad thing! Probably the very best scene of the lot is Shay Jordan fucking her boyfriend Scott Nails while babysitting at someones house - there's awesome playful chemistry between the two and they find a whip, blindfold and handcuffs in the bedroom which Scott uses on her. Just after he blows his load on her fanny, the parents turn up (Gina Lynn and Ben English on perfect form). Ben is furious and Scott runs off while Gina sits on the bed and starts to feel a little horny. She tells Shay to find a way of apologising to Ben and then the 2 babes kiss and Shay gets on her knees and asks if she can suck Ben's cock. And so starts another scorchingly good scene as Ben doggies Shay while Shay 69's with Gina and so forth until he coats both their faces with his nut juice. Nikki Benz gives her huband the best birthday present by inviting Jesse Jane around and making his blonde babysitter fantasy come true. Teagan Presley provides some anal thrills in the bathroom as she catches the older brother of the kid she is babysitting wanking in the bathroom. She teases him for a little bit and then offers to suck his dick much to his amazement. Sasha Grey displays incredible deep throat talent in her scene as she helps out some guys who are having a leaving do for their friend. She deep throats the friend and then does the same for all the other guys. For any all girl lovers out there, there's a 6 way scene where all the housewives are together discussing tupperware(!) but really they are waiting for the arrival of dominatrix Sophia Santi and her array of strap-ons! Robby D's direction is absolutely brilliant, the guy knows what the punters want and he delivers with constantly stylish shots and imagery. What more needs to be said? Other than buy this DVD you really will not regret it.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Really enjoyed this film,the girls are stuning, very sexy and seductive with great sex scenes. I particularly liked the opening scene with Nautica Thorn as she slowley strips off revealing her beautiful firm breasts and stunning shaved pussy, teasing the man with a quick blow job before taking him and finally letting him cum over her face

Dynamite - April 18, 2009
Reviewed By: Cinnkid32

Really great DVD. Beautiful girls with enticing ways. Enough plot to draw you in and make it hot with some variety in episodes not just repetition using different girls. Hope there are sequels.

Exceptional!!! - November 24, 2007
Reviewed By: GMoney

Great movie overall. The intro scenes are exceptionally sexy and enticing...finally dialogue that actually adds to the sex. Some of the acting is even believable. Definitely one of the best adult movies I've seen.

Professional Reviews
- March 13, 2008
Reviewed By:

Babysitters might be the best babysitter movie ever. If you've ever seen the extended nut-punching sequence in the comedy gem Kung Pow, you will understand how something that's a cliche can be kind of funny, then tiresome, and then, if only the filmmaker has the guts to sustain the joke, funny again, even more effective than the first time. Babysitters is a microcosm of the mileage that Robby D. got out of abusing the music-video-casting joke in 30-plus volumes of Jack's Playground until it was a ruined corpse and then dressing up the body in a clown suit and abusing it again....

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