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Set in another era, six erotic stories unfold in an eerie mansion. Read More

Studio: Digital Playground

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Enjoy Digital Playground contract star Jesse Jane in this wonderful and sexy horror spoof. Set in another era, six erotic stories unfold in an eerie mansion. It's delightfully wicked and sensationally horny with an A-list cast, memorable shower spoofs, lots of plastic wrap and ball gags. Director Celeste weaves a tale of seduction and lust with boy and girl, threesomes and even some cock throbbing anal action. When you are fully satiated and lured by the real time audio soundtrack, return for the special features including a fantastic behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Digital Playground cast and crew in playful action!

DVD Features:
  • Shot in HD
  • Photo Gallery
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Motion Chapter Index
  • Contract Stars Bios
  • Digital Surround Sound
  • Playable Worldwide
  • Trailers

Runtime: 134 minutes

Studio: Digital Playground

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Professional Reviews
- December 5, 2007
Reviewed By:

There's a lot of screaming in Scream, both frightened screaming and the banshee cries of girls being hammered flat by big cocks, sex toys and each other. Fortunately, the creepiness and the hotness come in separate doses and not mixed together, so can get your scared on and your hard on without the two interfering with each other....

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